Zero Tamil Review, Rating & 1st Day Box Office Collection

Zero Tamil Review, Rating & 1st Day Box Office Collection

2016 Tamil Movie: Zero Tamil movie review, rating & 1st day box office collection states that the horror movie released on 25th March 2016 is directed by Shiv Mohaa and produced by Balaji Kapa has received average response on opening shows. Ashwin Kakumanu playing as lead actor is able to impress audience with his acting skill. The fantasy horror movie cinematography is very well handled by IE Babu Kumar. The rest details of movie analysis are as follows.

Zero Tamil Review & Rating

The film evaluation of opening day from critics comes out on a mixed note receiving both pessimist and optimist feedback. Coming on to audience response, the film gathers good crowd in morning shows which will give decent income form morning shows.

Zero Tamil movie review states that the fantasy horror is able to impress audience but not critics to that extent. The film is more praised for its good screen plays and horror scenes. The scary scenes are able to scare the audience at cinema theatres according to Kollywood critics analysis.

The film cinematography is impressive that won’t give you any chance to find loop holes in it whereas the editing section of the film is really done well. The production company Madhav media has taken a right choice to produce such decent film.

The film trailer released on 29th January 2016 had received 219,511 views and 1,479 likes till midnight itself so you can imagine how would be the response on release of film.

Coming on to the acting performance, the film has got good actors portraying their roles honestly and are seen convincing in this movie.

Zero Tamil movie goes with total 3 star rating out of total 10 ratings.

Here is the analysis with plus and minus points

Positive points

  • Good cinematography
  • Acting performance: convincing
  • Story line: Above Average
  • Horror scenes: Convincing
  • Editing is good
  • First half is more interesting
  • Video Songs: Decent

Negative points

  • Second half is average
  • Background music: average
  • Impression: Able to impress audience on decent note
  • Feedback: Average

But overall the movie is worth watching it without any hesitation as most of the critics recommends this movie as it will entertain the audience to good extent.

Zero Tamil Movie 1st Day Box Office Collection

The movie as stated receives decent response in morning show which as collected a decent profit at theatres. The film collected Rs 0.56 crore in morning shows whereas afternoon shows are seen with Rs 0.78 crore approx. income whereas evening and nights show are expected to make a business of 2 crore.

Therefore, Zero Tamil 1st Day Box Office Collection is expected to mints Rs 3 crore on an around profit on opening day of Friday. The Film has great competition with the big star Nagarjuna film Oopiri so the film goes with a decent occupancy of 35-45%  for whole day.

Note: Box office final numbers awaited.

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