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Yogiraj Singh comments on MS Dhoni: He will become penniless

Yogiraj Singh comments on MS Dhoni: He will become penniless

Yuvraj Singh father Yogiraj Singh has again comments on Mahendra Singh Dhoni for not taking Yuvraj in the ICC Cricket World Cup 2015. He accuses Dhoni and compared him along with the Raavana. Yogiraj in an interview with the hindi news channels have said something unexpected about him. He says that he become and is said to be the god of the cricket sports game because of the media people. He doesn’t deserve to be appreciated so much. He also says that the captain of Indian cricket team laugh on the Indian people and the media people for the way they appreciate him. He also adds saying that if he would be in place of the media people, he would have gone and slap him in front of everybody.

Yogiraj Singh comments on MS Dhoni, he will become penniless

He doesn’t stop accusing him over here, but also adds saying he is very arrogant in nature. He continued attacking him by comparing him with the Ramayana myth of Raavana saying the way Raavana came to an end, the same way he will be ending himself soon in the cricket field. He says that he feel ashamed when some other cricketers come to him and speak bullshit about the captain. He also express his views saying that he thought in earlier times people respect him and appreciate him because of his name and the success he achieved along with the fame and that why other people are jealous of him but when some people spoke about him, he realized that he is not a good person.

Also ads, India lost the 2015 World cup semi final and criticize MS for that.  He says that in the 2011 world cup MS went for batting instead of sending Yuvraj to become Hero and say that he dint went on no. 4th this time in semi final of world up , why did he entered ground on 6th place.

Finally, cursing him saying that he will become penniless and will beg for money on some day. He would not get any favor from anybody. Yuvraj dint interfere himself with his father’s comment and stay far from this controversy.

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