Yatchan movie review, rating, verdict, story

Yatchan movie review, rating, verdict, story

The Kollywood Tamil Yatchan movie review, rating, verdict, story are finally updated for you where the critics has re-evaluated the whole film and gave the feedback, views for the motion picture. It has achieved 2.75 star rating out of the total 5 star on the reelase day 11th September 2015. The film story speaks about the big fans of Ajith played by Arya. The Kreshna and Arya starrer movie Yatchan made under the direction of Vishnuvardhan has done great work on its songs and BGM and is surely a treat to all the Thala Fans who wants to go for the film. The film basically depicts chaos theory but at some scenes the sequences are shot very long with makes the audiences bore while sitting on the cinema theatres. The Tamil film also has a review that the director takes you back to era of AA and Pattiyal days. The flick fairly ends up entertaining audience where the film plot slowly builds up interesting spun around. The film has given less focus on romance and it highlight more on comedy scenes where the actors are successful in impressing the public with their acting skills.

 Yatchan movie review, rating, verdict, story

The film gives you a guarantee of romance, comedy and full on entertainment in reference to the thalla people. Muhammad Ariff tweets on twitter that the film is light hearted one and is only one time movie and cannot be expected much from this as it has fair entertainment to the public. The yuvan music adds to the success of this film. It doesn’t have anything new to look in it and it’s an average thriller film with more of comedy. The Yatchan movie rating has got 2.75 stars as stated above. The cinematography and interval scene is excellent and because it is a multi starrer film it has got a benefit of different audience coming to cinema theatres.

The two different people connect at a point in this feature film and is engaging till halftime of motion picture. Krishna performs well and is given more opportunities in film sequence. Swati impress audience with his acting and has more space and opportunity to many characterisations which raise expectations till the second half of the film.

The film includes actors like Arya and Kreshna, Kishore, Y Gee Mahendra, Thambi Ramaiah, Robo Shankar, Deepa Sannidhi, Swati Reddy and MS Bhaskar. Om prakash should be praised for the cinematography and even Sreekar Prasad for editing.

If we reassess the overall film, it is worth for one time and the audience will definitely enjoy it.

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