Yaara Re Video Song, Roy, Ranbir Kapoor, Arjun, Jacqueline

Check out the new Yaara re video song, Roy, Ranbir Kapoor, Arjun, Jacqueline in the Movie

The new track of Roy movie Yaara Re Video Song is released under the music production company T-series. The melody is given an interesting music which touch our heart. This audio-visual has a romantic composition. This record features Arjun Rampal with Jacqueline Fernandez and then Ranbir kapoor in the next half of jingle. The record lyrics starts with ‘Ajnabi kahe ke apna kahe’ which is sing by the K.K. and composed by none other than the hit composer of current time Ankit Tiwari. The Roy movie is releasing on 13th of February 2015. These above three actors are the lead cast of the film. This cinematographic record is released on 22nd of January 2015. This tune has a romantic touch and even some sad scenes in it. This is really heart breaking and touching song by Krishnakumar Kunath popularly known as K. K. born in Delhi on 23rd August, 1968. He still have a beautiful voice in the age of 46. The lyrics are written by Sandeep Nath. The length of the lines of this ditty is 5 minutes and 10 second but here the provided filmed have a length of 2 minutes and 37 second.  This is distributed by the AA films.

Yaara Re Video Song, Roy, Ranbir Kapoor, Arjun, Jacqueline

The film is made in a budget of 45 crore. Finally, providing you the tune over here. Also you can look it in Hd 720p and 1080p.

Now, we will describe about the whole audio visual scene over here. As it is initialised with Rampal and J. Fernandez sitting very close on the beach looking at each other. The next sequence is shown where he is sitting in a restaurant with her where she say him that ‘here was one Kabir Grewal whom I know and the now another Kabir Grewal about whom I don’t want to know.  Then he reply saying ‘If you know everything then why have you come here’. Listening this, she leaves from there after answering the following ‘Have come here to intimate you that stay away from my life’. Then the music starts with the words as mentioned above where he is looking upset remembering the lines she just said to him. He looks him going in the car. Later, they both are shown lonely in their life walking on the streets. He is presented playing some illegal games with a class of beer in his hand. In the next scene, she leaves the house and meet his father where he ask her you know him? She replies I don’t even know his name, here they are talking about R. K. Then again he question how was he looking? Her response if I would have seen him, I would have stop him. While this conversation goes, some background scenes are displayed where she is walking with R. K. somewhere and then having a dance with him in other scenario. This means she met and saw him but she is speaking lie with his dad.

Further, R.K is shown walking on the beach singing the further lines of jingle. Next, he is shown on the ship or boat thinking about her before which she read some letter and gets shocked. Some spent moments together of them are presented. Some small shots are portrayed of he is driving the boat on the other side she is riding a horse and some lonely scenes thinking about each other. Lastly, she is shown reading the letter again and R. Kapoor firing the gun in sky standing at the corner of the boat.

This all makes the cinematography of the record complete with the lines written by lyricist.

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