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Why is Rakha bandhan celebrated? What’s the motive behind it?

Why is Rakha bandhan celebrated? What’s the motive behind it?

Raksha Bandhan is celebrated for the love and duty to be share between the brothers and sisters. Even it is celebrated between the men and women who want to get into a relation of brothers and sisters. This occasion is also name as Rakhi purnima and Rakhi. This festival is been followed by many religions like the Hindus firstly, then even followed by Jains and Sikh people. This festival is been feted in many other countries than India that is many parts of Nepal and Mauritius. Also been followed and enjoyed by Hindus and Sikhs staying in Pakistan countries. It has many myths and historic stories related to this festival. In ancient time the queens of rajput use to send this rakhi to other rulers of state and city as a token and symbol of brotherhood. When the rakhi is tied up in the hands of brother, sister pray for long and happy life for brother and even to protect him from problems.

Why is Rakha bandhan celebrated, What’s the motive behind it

Basically the meaning of rakhi word means tie a knot for his protection. So, after tying a knot in brother’s hand, he need to complete all the responsibility as a brother, father and mother. It will be his duty to protect her sister. This occasion typically falls in the month of sravana that is in the 8th month of the year August. Rakhi is made by a thread which has some decorative item stick on the thread to make it more beautiful. It is like a wrist watch or bracelet or in a form of jewellery.

 The motive behind this is to make the relation of bro and sis stronger. The motive is to make brother remember that it is his duty to protect her. On the other side, sis expresses her love for his brother on this day.  After the rakhi is been tied up, brother gifts something to his sister that can be money or any kind of gift. This is how the whole occasion is been distinguished. This great festival is the love and passion between these two relations. This is one of the most famous and renowned occasion of Hindu festivals.

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