Who wins Lagaan task in Bigg Boss 9: Winner Aman Keshwar

Who wins the Lagaan task in Bigg Boss 9: Victories/winner are Aman Keshwar  

Bigg Boss 9: Aman Verma and Kishwer Merchantt become victories of the Lagaan task on 21st October period against all contestants (workers) and are now free from the bonds of Double Trouble jodi. The zamindars (Aman- Keshwar) are permitted to roam without restriction alone and they no more have the partner trouble. I agree that every Bigg Boss tasks are quite innovative and they definitely bring something new out of the contestant thought process and nature.

Who wins the Lagaan task in Bigg Boss 9- Victories Aman Keshwar

The show started with the Phobia test and after this the next mission was about Lagaan. This assignment brought many things out like the way contestant take the task, their thought process, their potential and many things. This job was more of physical as if they would have grind the machine more and earned maximum money, the workers that is the left contestant except these two would have completed this assignment successfully but they were unable to do so as team support is necessary.

In this task, Aman and Keshwar were assigned to act as zamindars and pay each pair some money depending upon the whole day work. These money can be used by contestant for using the inside house facility. The mission ends after one and a half day schedule. Later on at the end, Bigg Boss announce that the team having more than 500 coins will be the champion (winner) as he have given 1000 total coins to zamindars. BB ask both the teams who has more than 500 coins and here Zamindars (Verma and Merchant) states that they have 536 coins which makes them a winner.

He also makes them free from the double trouble Jodi of staying together as they are no more bound to each other by rope. They were secretly told that if they win this mission, they will be free from Double Trouble Jodi. They remove their belt and now they are roaming alone and happily. This was written update regarding BB exclusive today’s news regarding task.

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