Who will win ICC Cricket World Cup 2015 Winner Prediction

Let me inform you first that the ICC Cricket World Cup 2015 will be starting from 14th of February in the New Year 2015. The second month of the year is going to have a start with the big event of International Sports Competition of Cricket. The World Cup will be lastly ending on the 29th Day of March month of 2015 year that is March 29th, 2015. We have made this post for informing you about the prediction of ICC World Cup 2015 Winner. This World Cup is the 11th edition of the Cricket Sports game. Ricky Ponting, the x captain of Australia said predicting that India would be the team in the finals with Australia but the title of winner for World Cup will go in the hands of Australia as India is weak in foreign tour games and wont cross the final step of World Cup. He predicted about the India versus Australia as the final match team of ICC Cricket World Cup 2015. If this prediction become true, it would be great to watch the battings of the teams. There will be a total of 49 matches among which 26 will be in Australia and other 23 in New Zealand. The final match is decided to be organised in Australia home ground. The Dark horses that is New Zealand and definitely great players on their home ground as they have got the best bowlers and all rounders in their following World Cup selected team. The more details in depth of every team and about the 2015 World Cup winner Prediction is followed to be provided below.

Who will win ICC Cricket World Cup 2015 Prediction

Who will win ICC Cricket World Cup 2015 Prediction

Who will win ICC Cricket World Cup 2015 Prediction

The one player in Australia David Warner will be the one to watch in the World Cup matches. As he is in good form and the plus point adds to Australia is that it’s their home ground. David Warner is the real power hitter of Australia team and he is going to be the man of World Cup 2015 and the one who can beat him can be the powerful Indian batsman Virat Kohli who is one of the rising cricket stars.

Nothing will be seen after the World Cup starts as everything other will fade out and there will be only one thing to watch is World Cup. This time tis not that easy to get the title of WC 2015 winner to any one may be its Australia, India, South Africa, New Zealand, Pakistan or Sri Lanka. This time the teams of all the countries are powerful with their best captain. The things which will be missed in the World Cup 2015 will be Sachin Tendulkar and Ricky Ponting as these players have retired and won’t be available as players in this WC matches.

We would like firstly to give the Prediction of Top 5 ICC Cricket World Cup 2015 teams which are:-



South Africa


Sri Lanka

Let us give you some review of these top 5 teams of ICC 2015 WC-

1) Australia– One of the fact from which we cannot deny is that winning the world Cup by any other team from the home ground of Australia has never happened. Australia is the topmost and the strongest team for the 2015 World Cup. They have the best players in their team who can turn up the match to any extent at any time. So, it very hard to predict that Australia will lose any of the match in World Cup. M. Johnson, David Warner, G. Bailey, M. Clarke are the best players who won’t give up for the match in their home ground.

2) India –The most difficult task for the captain Mahendra Singh Dhoni to make all possible steps to make win India. The India country 121 crore people will be having an eye on Dhoni to repeat the moment of 2nd April, 2011. As the team is one of the strongest team after Australia and the winner of previous WC 2014 will have the desire to repeat it once again in 2015. So, it will be very tough but not possible to cheer it again. The players who are best in their team are Dhoni, Virat, Rohit Sharma, Suresh Raina, Shikar Dhawan and some new players.

3) South Africa – This team has the record to lose the matches of WC in Semi-finals and if they cross themselves from that level, no one will be able to beat them in the further matches, they will be as champions only if they cross the semis match. It is really shocking to know that these team has the best players as bowler from the past 5 to 7 years and still they are not able to make it.

4)Pakistan – This team is less experienced in foreign tour matches and their pitches but still they have the capability to change the game of the match at any point. This is the most unpredicted team of the world as they can make it they their best fast bowlers and kill the batting line of opposite team.

5) Sri Lanka– The last team from the top 5 best team of ICC Cricket World Cup 2015. This country cricket team is different as they will beat the other team in a very slow manner. This team don’t have a great bowling but they tight the matches when it is required at that moment. M. Jayawardena, Sangakarra are the best players of cricket in the world and along with them the other L. Malinga, A. Mathews (captain), R. Herath are the players who can change the game.

ICC Cricket World Cup 2015 Winner Prediction

There are two options for this which are:-

As the first one, India versus Australia in Finals


South Africa versus Australia in Finals of 2015 ICC World Cup.

ICC Cricket World Cup 2015 Winner Prediction

ICC Cricket World Cup 2015 Winner Prediction

Now, we will discuss about the other left teams-

6) New Zealand– This cricket team has the best players and no doubt in winning the home ground matches but the other in Australia will make them a bit shaky to win with them. New Zealand has 7th Ranking in the ICC ODI with 31 matches and 3031 points, 98 ratings.

7) West Indies – Have less chances as it need to work more hard.

8) Zimbabwe –A very old team but not able to make out its place in World Cup Top 5 team.

9) Afghanistan– Need more time to experience cricket as it’s a new team with no much experience.

10) England– The creator of cricket game is far back in playing its national game.

11) Bangladesh – if it make lose some big experience team in WC, it will be an achievement for them.

12) Ireland –It will be great if it wins the group matches as it is better than the other team of UAE and Scotland

13) Scotland– it’s great that it got qualified in World Cup but for winning, still there is a long way to go.

14) United Arab Emirates – Needs to experience cricket more.

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