Who will be eliminated from Bigg Boss 9 2nd week Nomination

Who will be eliminated from Bigg Boss 9 2nd week Nomination: Aman Verma, Prince Narula, Mandana Karimi, Rimi Sen and Roopal Tyagi

The second round of elimination in Bigg Boss 9 house has begun. Guess who according to you will be eliminated and evicted from BB9. This 9th season is definitely unpredictable as everyone thought Arvind Vegda might be the first contestant to eliminate from Bigg Boss 9 but its Ankit Gera, the one who was predicted to make the maximum controversy in BB9. Ankit Gera evicted in the first week from BB9 kept everyone surprised and shocked. No one has even got an idea of Ankit beig vote out in first week. As soon as the first week ended, the second week nomination was announced and these 4 people were nominated in the house Aman Verma, Prince Narula, Mandana Karimi, Rimi Sen and Roopal Tyagi.

Who will be eliminated in Bigg Boss 9 2nd week-Nomination names- Prince, Roopal, Mandana, Rimi, Aman


Prince Narula, the most loved contestant has made it to danger zone can you believe it. The one contestant who is most loved by audience is nominated in the second week itself. Secondly, Mandana Karimi the one who has receive maximum limelight in BB9 till now is also in nominated and included in nominated contestants of second week. Roopal Tyagi is once again voted for eviction. Aman Verma is chosen for the first time for eviction around whereas Rimi Sen is again ni the danger zone.

Finally coming on to the conclusion of who has more chances to be eliminated in the 2nd week of Bigg Boss 9. Lets discuss, first of all Prince Narula has no chances as his fan following is huge and consequently it has increased to great extent after coming in BB9 and also he is the most loved guy in BB9 by audience. Mandana Karimi has gained much attention from the audience because of her nature and behaviour so she has the 3rd least contestant to be evicted. Aman Verma is known as an actor from years and has created many controversies so obviously the audience wants to see him more in BB9. Lastly, Roopal Tyagi is the one who has the most chances to be out of BB9 and she was expected to create controversies and entertain public because of her ex-boyfriend Ankit Gera but he is no more in the house. So, the excitement level to see her is decreased by the audience and we hope the way she behaves and entertain in the house will make her stay in this week but she has the maximum chances to be evicted by receiving minimum votes from public or audience.

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