Who gets out from Bigg Boss 9: Yuvika Chaudhary gets eliminated on Sunday (8th November 2015)

Who will be out (eliminated) from Bigg Boss 9: Yuvika Chaudhary gets eliminated on Sunday (8th November 2015)

Who will be out (eliminated) from Bigg Boss 9- Yuvika Chaudhary gets eliminated on Sunday (8th November 2015)

Bigg Boss 9: Yuvika Chaudhary gets eliminated today on Sunday (8th November 2015) after Keith Sequeira exit from the house on 7th November. Yuvika is seen receiving least votes from the audience and her fans. The main reason behind getting evicted from house is she was unable to entertain audience in the house and was seen quite most of the time. After she was nominated in the 4th week by the contestants, a huge difference was seen in her behaviour.

She is seen many times on the camera after the nomination activity of 4th week as she dedicatedly played the Bigg Boss hotel task but gave up in the last moment. One more reason which adds why she get out of the house today is, she use not take stand for herself and use to stay diplomatic most of the times so that people won’t get hurt and be against her.

Also, she was seen fighting with Mandana for mattress as she was cleaning her bed and Mandana interrupts saying don’t touch her bed. Rishabh comes and enters in middle saying I have told her to clean everybody’s bed. Here, this cute girl is seen in angry mood for the first time and even seen saying Mandana that don’t be so nakli, arrogant. She also humiliates her for the behaviour towards other housemates.

On the other side, she is seen getting much attention from two young guys Prince Narula and Rishabh Sinha. Prince is seen proposing her and expressing love towards her through a paratha and bending on his knees. Even Rishabh is seen flirting with her and getting attracted towards her. This is how she becomes centre of attraction for males and his fans outside the house.

She is also seen kissing Prince back after his proposal and fell shy. Salman Khan Reveals that Yuvika get evicted in the 4th week of BB9. Although she was not a tough competitor for the housemates but she attracts many people attention in the last day of weekend.

Unfortunately, she bagged to get on camera too late and get eliminated from the audience votes. Let’s see now Prince tries her luck on someone else in the house or stays on one.

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