Whatsapp Aabad!! Public Barbaad, Before it was Facebook & Now Whatsapp!!! A Big Loss

Whatsapp was made to connect to each other at a far distance and can they in touch without any cost through mobile network with no limits but it made a distance even with the close one. Whatsapp is an application where you can send unlimited message to the people who use this app.

Whatsapp Aabad, Public Barbaad, Before it was Facebook & Now Whatsapp, A Big Loss

Whatsapp Aabad, Public Barbaad, Before it was Facebook & Now Whatsapp, A Big Loss

The Disadvantages and Advantages of Whatsapp Application, 

Let us see how Whatsapp is dangerous in someone’s life

In 24 hours a day, People spend more than 12 hours using Whatsapp and make their free schedule busier. Instead of spending free time with their family, time is being spent on Whatsapp. Families are going more far away from each other and the reason is WHATSAPP.

Somehow, Whatsapp was profitable to some but major wise it is a great loss to many. Bringing a far distance within families living together.

Advantages, Disadvantages, Drawbacks of using Whtasapp

Advantages, Disadvantages, Drawbacks of using Whtasapp


Let’s take an example of a working guy who use Whatsapp Application

Wakes up morning at 6 and he don’t even go to washroom but don’t forget to see his Whatsapp. He finds 20 to 25 messages and 3-4 group messages. Instead of getting ready for office he replies first to all those messages.

Then he again put the message to their friends on Whatsapp when he leave for the job at 7.30 am from home.

Takes the train at 8 am and through the journey of 1 hour he continuously chats with his girlfriend or friends. After reaching destination station again he put a message that he reached and coming to office in so and so min.

After reaching to office he will be working and whenever he will get message, he will revert to it. This distracts him from his work but he will definitely reply to Whatsapp.

When he get scolding from his boss, he will change the status and will text to his friend regarding the issue.

When he gets break then Whatsapp, Lunch time Whatsapp, Evening after leaving from job Whatsapp.

After reaching home before getting fresh Whatsapp. After getting fresh the same. Before food Whatsapp. While having food Whatsapp. After food Whatsapp. Before sleeping Whatsapp. Then again morning 6 Whatsapp.

Whatsapp! Whatsapp! Whatsapp! Where is the family missing, society friends, relatives etc. People are so attached with this that they don’t even have time to sit with their parents and have a talk for few minutes.

Before it was said Television is an idiot box but at least all family use to sit together and having fun watching serials and movie together, spent some beautiful moments but what about Whatsapp. One brother is sitting in one corner, sister on another and some mom dad also nowadays are busy using Whatsapp.

Whatsapp is nothing but a mess in everyone’s life.

Use it when required otherwise you may lose all required things in life behind Whatsapp. Don’t make it a habit of using Whatsapp.

Mark Zuckerberg is enjoying with his friend and family but are you. Just think about it. The smile which comes on your mom’s face when you talk to her and the smile your dad have are something which every family should have in their life. Whatsapp will not give that smile to your parents which you can give it.

Do share time with your family and friends and enjoy your life with them instead of wasting time behind Whatsapp.

Whenever anyone will ask you why you don’t use Whatsapp and why dint you replied then just smile and answer them “Dude was busy talking to my mom and dad while you was using Whatsapp and was so happy while talking to them” and you will see the same change in your friend from the same next day.

“I hope this article will help the Young generation and other people to come closer their relatives and friends and especially to their mom and dad”

Mom dad gave us everything in our life but Whatsapp is taking everything from us which our parents gave us. Just think about it.

This were all the Bad Effects of use of Whatsapp application, Draw backs of Whatsapp Application with an example that how does it effects our life and relations.

Have a good day!!!

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