What happens in Bigg Boss 9 20th October Episode 10 written update (Day 9)

What happens in Bigg Boss 9 20th October Episode 10 written update (Day 9)

After the Precap Morning 8 am, a ‘Sun Mitwa from Lagaan movie” is played. Yuvika start dancing and  lip sing the lyrics of the song, then Keith and later on Mandana and Prince, Arvind, Digangana, Roopal dances in a group together. Aman joins the group after some time. Keith and Rochelle are making the movies sleeping together in one bedsheet. Everbody wish Good morning to each other.

What happens in Bigg Boss 9 20th October Episode 10 written update (Day 9)

At 9 pm

Here everyone is seen sitting on their own beds and talking with each other. Rimi talks about Prince being shocked for the first time hearing about 30 lakhs while the task.

Morning 11.15 am

Aman and Keshwar are called in the room and they are given a luxury budget task where they both need to play ‘zamindar’ that is against everyone. If they are successful in doing, they will be free from the Jodi/partners restriction but this should be the secret and other contestant should not know about this. The task is about ‘lagaan’ where everybody will be workers expect Keshwar and Aman. They are told to inform this to the other contestant outside. They announce out and here the contestants get to know that they need to give money if they want to go in kitchen bathroom as lagan.

At 12.30 pm

Keith explains how to play the task and plan how to win it. Also, Prince explains that try to work as much as making flour (atta). Aman and Keshwar then discuss about Rimi having sugar secretly. After this, Prince and Suyash are seen working on the machine making

At 12.45pm

Rochelle and Rimi, Roopal and Digangana are seen discussing about going inside the house and do all work at once of bringing water etc. Keith and Mandana are seen putting the flour in the plastic bag.

At 1.15 pm

Keith says to Aman and Keshwar that we have done made one packet of flour in 1 hour. Mandana also goes with Keith so Suyyash gets angry saying she can’t go in between at every place. Before Keith says Mandana say that one packet should be in Rs.10 then finally it is sold in 20 rupees. Later on, Keith says Mandana that you should have not sold the flour packet so cheap and here she gets angry. She replies that I did not know, you should have told me. Keith says only twp people will go for negotiation. Arvind also comes in this discussion and decide that only Keith and Vikas will go for the negotiation of money for flour.

At 2 pm

Rochelle is seen suggesting that please someone who is strong go for negotiations with Vikas and Mandana. Mandana also suggest that all the workers (contestant) should decide the price of the flour packet. Vikas says that we have decided and then we have gone but Rochelle says we dint know about this so Vikas you should accept this mistakes in anger. He says sorry, then Rochelle is seen doing work and also discussing that Vikas never includes girls while taking decision.

Evening 4.45 pm

Prince and Suyyash go for negotiation where Prince demands Rs.100 for per packet. Aman and Keshwar starts laughing and gets surprised. Then they decide to give 90 but when they come getting the money only give 70 but later on decide to give 80 final. Keith and Rochelle are seen talking about Rimi. Rochelle speaks that whenever I talk positive she gives me a negative vibe saying something negative to me.


Aman and Roopal are seen talking about getting together as a partner if they get a chance to change partner. Mandana and Keith have a big fight regarding having equality. Both protect themselves saying that each one have sacrificed for the other. Vikas, Arvind and Suyyash go for negotiation and Aman and Keshwar accept Rs. 100 per flour packet and takes two packets and reject the other 3 because of their behaviour. Suyyash starts crying because of Keshwar rude behaviour against him. Then Prince comes inside and talks to Keshwar about it and then even Suyyash comes inside. Keshwar says that we are increasing the packet price and giving you money but yoy people are making strategies. Then they patch up and hug each other.


Later on, Rochelle has fight with Vikas on food as they were working for flour where Vikas says to Roopal that you people had food first and then we. Rochelle starts crying on it as she felt bad when Suyyash come to talk with her.



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