What does Ayushmann ask Rimi Sen, Sonam Kapoor says Keith in BB9

What does Ayushmann ask Rimi Sen, Sonam Kapoor says Keith in BB9

First of all, Bigg Boss 9 Weekend Special with Salman Khan precap has increase the excitement level of audience as Ayushmann Khurrana and Sonam Kapoor have live chat with contestants. It’s a surprise for the audience to see media journalist, Khurrana and Sonam in the Bigg Boss 9 on 18th Ocotber 2015. Ayushmann have a chat with Rimi Sen and ask her a question regarding her silent behaviour in the house whereas Sonam Kapoor ask question to Keith why dint he changed the partner when Bigg Boss offered the opportunity of exchange your partners.

What does Ayushmann ask Rimi Sen, Sonam Kapoor says Keith in BB9

In the conversation with celebrities and BB9 contestant, its feels like Sonam provocative sentence may affect Keith and Rochelle relationship. For example, if someone catches the mistakes of the past and then ask it in front of everybody it will definitely create wearied situation. The question ask by Sonam that why dint he changed his partner, will make Rochelle definitely think on it and this will create a problem in relationship as Sonam is trying to portray that is he started shifting his love from Rochelle to Mandana.

Secondly, Ayushmann Khurrana asks Rimi Sen a question that why is she so silent in the house and is not entertaining the audience from the house. After this, he himself gives suggestion that you have spunk in you and we had all seen it in your Bollywood movies. You should show your spunk as you showed in Dhoom song “Sikhi dhoom”. You have it in you so start it up and be fully expressed.

Finally, we conclude that this will surely bring ups and down in Rochelle-Keith relationship and Rimi’s behaviour in the next week where you will consequently see some more twist in the house of Bigg boss 9 Double Trouble.

Also, Sonam comes to promote Prem Ratan Dhan Payo in the reality show of BB.

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