Welcome back 4th day (Monday) total box office collection

Welcome back 4th day (Monday) total box office collection

Welcome back 4th day box office collection is great as the movie is making a record and it’s been included as the top third movie earning maximum amount on the opening day of Friday. The movie collected a net amount of 14.35 cr. that is the first day box office collection. On the second day, Saturday the weekend starts and it has made income of 17.05 cr. on 5th of September 2015. The film has made a sum of 31.40 cr. in two days. The Sunday (3rd) day collection is around 20 crores. So, the entire 1st weekend gathering made by the movie is 51.40 cr. The movie has been witnessed in earning a great profit in the initial days itself. As the first part of the film Welcome was a super hit and so the second part is also going well on the cinema screen. The main reason behind the success of the sequel of the first part is that it was already in the minds of people and the film was already a brand. The sequel dint needs much awareness about itself and even much marketing. The film has been released around 3200 screens all over India and around 300 in overseas market.

Welcome back 4th day (Monday) total box office collection

The movie has made a good buzz in India and outside and so it has been able to make such great earning in the opening days itself. Now, the movie name synonym Greeting reverse 4th day collection is around 6 crores. Basically, if we have the look many movies have such gathering of 6 crore on first day and this film has such an amount on 4th days. So you can imagine how great the movie would be.

The film overall 4 days collection reaches to a sum of 57.40 crores i.e. from Friday to Monday revenue. has send this business report on the website and here we have shared you the per day income of film till now. Even the Welcome Back movie review are positive which benefited the  in earning revenue at cinema counters.

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