Watch Boond Hd Video Song where Jacqueline make love under water with Arjun Rampal

New released Roy movie Boond Boond Hd Video Song where Jacqueline make love under water with Arjun Rampal 

Jacqueline and Arjun Rampal are looking very hot in this Boond Boond Hd video song of Roy movie. This is the fourth song of Roy movie released on 15th of January, 2015. In this song you will get to watch Arjun and Jacqueline chemistry, which is really amazing. This song doesn’t include Ranbir Kapoor, as this specially features the other two actors of the film. This song is sung by Ankit Tiwari, the new and talented singer whose songs are loved by the audiences. The music of the song is under the production of T-series which is composed by Ankit Tiwari himself. The lyrics of the song are given by Abhendra Kumar Upadhyay. The new romantic song of Roy movie have a sensational music in it which is really liked by many other people. The video of song is perfectly pictured with hot scene under water between Arjun and Jacqueline. Arjun showing a six pack abs with a muscular body by opening his tshirt. Jacqueline on other side looks really beautiful in the song. Watch the other details below in headings.

Watch Boond Hd Video Song where Jacqueline make love under water with Arjun Rampal

Watch Boond Hd Video Song where Jacqueline make love under water with Arjun Rampal

Watch the new Boond Boond Hd Video Song starring Jacqueline Arjun Rampal

You can watch this below song in High Definition with in two different formats of 720p and other is 1080p. If you want to play it first change format from setting to 720p Hd formats.

The length of this song is 2 minutes and 39 seconds. Here, the song starts with Arjun Rampal smoking scene, on the other side Jacqueline is in swimming pool watching him. He then removes his t-shirt off and is seen showing his 6 pack abs. Later, he jumps in the swimming pool throwing the cigarette where they are shown making love with each other under water. This is a slow song which will increase your temperature as the scenes in this are very sensational and romantic. Even the video is shown in slow motion matching the tempo of song. They come near to each other by swimming in water and holds one another’s hand. The next sequence is shown on beach where Jacqueline is dancing on the sea sand with some hot dance moves and Arjun watching her sitting at one place on beach. The way he is watching her makes you feel that he is just crazy for her and is completely in love with her. She comes near him and then kisses him having a lip lock. Again the swimming pool scene is shown where they are getting closer and closer to one another kissing on her neck. They are shown hugging each other and then some more appealing scenes are shown. This way the song ends. The lyrics of the song starts with Boond boond karke mume girna tera aur mujhme mujse jyada hone tera. If want to know the whole or full lyrics of song visit

Song details

Singer: Ankit Tiwari

Composer: Ankit Tiwari

Lyricist: Abhendra Kumar Upadhyay

Movie: Roy

Song: 4th song of movie

Under T-series production.

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