Vaaliba Raja review, rating (Tamil Movie)

Vaaliba Raja review, rating (Tamil Movie)

The Kollywood Vaaliba Raja Tamil Movie hits the theatre on 21st October 2015. Made under the direction of Sai Gokul Ramanath, the movie is capable to earn positive reviews from the Tamil movie critics and got a score of 2.5 star rating. The movie stars Santhanam, Sethu and Vishaka Singh in the important roles. After we have made a analysis on the film, the flick turns out to be an average film which has both positive and negative points. The evaluation appreciates the cinematography done by S.Lokhanathan and also the scripting part was good but could have improved in a better way.

Vaaliba Raja review, rating (Tamil Movie)

The review states that character of Raja played by Santhanam does justice to it whereas Sethu as Karthik is also able to perform well and impress the cinema audience. The character of Shaalu is very mischievous and has some glamour in it which is perfectly played by Vishakha Singh. Coming on to the story plot, it is an average story which is found interesting by some audience and some feels it as average.

It is said that writer Sai Gokhul Ramanath and Ganesh Raj has written their and India’s first Psycho-comedy film which is going really well at the cinema theatres and earning a good box office collection. The main lead is playing a psychic character which takes us to too much comedy incident. He faces slap form many girls and he tries to always impress a girl around him where he fails to do at times. The film lacks at some places especially after the interval part, it drops down the energy portrayed in the start scenes. Acting performances gets 3.5 star score, screen play is well and good with 2.5 grades, and cinematography is given 4.5 ranking out of 5 rating which sums overall ranking of 2.5 stars.

After analysis and re-evaluating we conclude a final verdict of Tamil Vaaliba Raja is you should definitely go for this one and get entertain from the comedy characters in it.

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