Ugly Movie Review, Trailer, Box Office Collection

Ugly Movie Review, Trailer, Box Office Collection- Ugly movie is one of the finest movies of Bollywood as heard by the critics of Bollywood. The Movie Ugly is been made long a year ago but due to some problems over depiction of smoking, the movie was not released in India. It was already released outside India and it was also send to many of the Film Festival outside India. The movie has won many film festivals and now later at the end it is decided to release the movie in India. The Movie Ugly is directed by Anurag Kashyab who is known for his dark films. The whole Ugly review will be provided here in this article below. The movie star cast Ronit Roy, Rahul Bhat, Siddhant Kapoor, Tejaswini Kolhapure, Surveen Chawla, Jayant Gadekar. All these people have done a fantastic job in the movie. Also, we would like to inform you about the Ugly Movie Box Office Collection and the Trailer for the people who have not seen yet.

Ugly Movie Review, Trailer, Box Office Collection

Ugly Movie Review, Trailer, Box Office Collection

Ugly Movie Review

Ugly praises a weak into the life of the people, around a 10 year old girl played by Anshika Shrivastava whose kidnapped.

Rahul Bhatt Plays a Father is convincing and he is also convincing as a bashed up unemployed man waiting for the big break in Bollywood.

Tejaswini Kolhapure plays a battered wife and brings out the pain of the barren life perfectly.

Ronit Roy plays as Shoumik Bose, a character who is indifferent to the people he loves the most.

The character of Surveen Chawla  on the other hand looks forced and is a little over the top as a model actor who is happy changing partners for money.

Unlike Anurag Kashyab’ s movies, Ugly does not have too much of political and social types of scenes or a violence. This one is about human follies and emotions and in one simple line is about

“How we lose the great things we have in our life just because we are attached or we stick to our own perceptions, thinking and insecurities we have in life”.

Watch the movie for the fantastic message it has brought up with the story of this movie which is simple and very heart touching.

Do not watch the film if the people who don’t like being subjected to the dark scenes and intense full feeling of realization, loss and guilt.

The movie is started by Shalini who is been played by Tejaswini Kolhapure, who is middle class housewife forced to stay at home and not to go outside home by his second husband as she get married again. Her husband is a police chief, Bose Shoumik which is played by Ronit Roy. The wife gets tired of all these, so she tries to suicide, she was just going to shoot herself with her husband gun and her small 10 year old daughter comes and asked her without being aware of the current situation which was going to be executed by her mother of shooting herself in her head itself. The 10 year daughter named “Kali” ask her mother to call his ex husband that is her father Rahul played by Rahul Bhatt. On that day, Saturday when she is been decided to meet every week to his father as it was according to the rules of the Custody agreement of the divorce papers. Rahul, her father is a struggling actor who wants to be in films comes to take her daughter for a drive and he ignores her mother by acting on being on a phone call. So finally here, Rahul leave her daughter in the car alone and goes for an audition for the film and also to meet his casting agent Chaitanya played by Vineet Kumar Singh.

The 10 year girl is been left alone in Mumbai neighborhood. She gets disappear from the car in which she was left alone. The father of the little girl along with his friend who is a casting agent goes to the police station to file and FIR or Complaint. The scene in the police station is very abusing and the two people went for the complaint gets annoyed by the Inspector (Jadhav) of Police Station. The role of the Inspector is been played by Girish Kulkarni who is a national award winner for Marathi movie screen writing and is also an actor who is been seen for the first time in Bollywood movie. He doesn’t take the father and his friend seriously and keeps ignoring. Later on, he gets to know that the disappeared girl is a step daughter of the Chief Police Officer Bose. Then Bose orders Jadhav to arrest, accuse and torture Rahul and his friend for kidnapping her daughter. Tell him to interrogate and punish them for this kidnapping without any proof. So this way the characters start searching for the girl played by Anshika Shrivastava. Rahul and Bose both search for Kali and simultaneously try to attempt each other in trouble. In this, the kidnapping of the girl scene is been showed less and the film focuses on the characters who tries to save themselves or gets others in to trouble.

The each step they take for finding the girl makes the situation much more worse. The characters play a mind game with each other in the film which does not generate sustained drama.

The film shows the ugliness of the Human greedy nature and the selfishness between them.

The movie is seen best when the women who is tired of these things tries to attempt various strategies for committing suicide.

The film has a very wonderful and awesome cinematography with the very sharp editing which brings the movie to an outstanding level.

The performances of the actors like Ronit Roy, Girish Kulkarni and Vineet Kumar Singh makes the movie Ugly a great complimented film. Anurag Kashyab works great and has done a fantastic work on this film. The film has indescribably made a great happening at the end of the year 2015 and has put him in the mainstream, crossing all the past Bollywood movies of the year.

Hope you like the Ugly movie and it is a must watched movie of the year. Sp please go and watches as the Ugly review are the best from all others also.

Ugly Movie HD Trailer


As you must have watch it, the Movie has spoke about itself on the day of its release and is been liked by everyone also among by the great Bollywood critics and directors, actors. It is a shocking and gripping movie. Here is the Ugly Movie HD Trailer; you can watch it in HD by clicking on 720p or 1080p format in settings of video.

Ugly Movie Box Office Collection

The movie is mind blowing as usual of Anurag and this is a movie which will not earn a great Collection in his prior days as the marketing of the movie is not done like the superstars movies but the film will have a great collection with the mouth to mouth marketing as people after coming watching the movie will tell other people to must watch it. So, this will later increase the Collection of the movie. The Ugly Movie Box Office Collection is expected to be over 100 crores as it deserves to be in the 100 crore club. The first day collection will be nearly 10 to 14 crores but later on it will increase day by day and will reach by keep adding the second day, third day, fourth day, fifth day Box office collection and cross 100 lakhs.

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