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TVF Replies to all Mauka Mauka Ads (Spoof)

TVF Replies to all Mauka Mauka Ads (Spoof)

TVF (The Viral Fever) makes a spoof video of following incident going on around the world. Now the biggest trend in the world is the ICC Cricket Would Cup 2015. In India the star sports channel is producing advertisement video for Indian matches which has become a trending topic in cricket section. So, they have also made a spoof of Mauka Mauka ad for Indians which is really awesome and have a lot of humour in it. It will entertain you and will make you laugh. In the ICC championship, India has played matches against Pakistan, Ireland, West Indies, Zimbabwe, South Africa, Bangladesh and UAE. India won all the matches and star sports network have produced advertisement video on every Indian match. So now to gives a reply to all the ads, the TVF has made a video which is a response to all those advertisement.

TVF Replies to all Mauka Mauka Ads (Spoof)

 Here is the following advertisement video, play it and enjoy

This Advertisement video is directed under the direction of Anandeshwar Dwivedi. The concept was given by Amit Golani and Anandeshwar Dwivedi. This video is made by the associate Amrit Raj Gupta. The cinematographer of this video is shot by Vaibhav Bundhoo and Amrit Raj Gupta. The great work of editing is done by Gaurav Rungta. The art work is handled by Prem Mistry.

The Viral Fever advertisement spoof video includes videos Prem, Aniket, Jasmeet, Raghav, Harman and Satya Ji. This comes in a category of Sports. The advertisement is given a title of Sabke Phodenge. This has received a good response from the viewers as it has 4,66,332 views, 3860 likes till now. It was published on 28th of February 2015. After the match held against United Arab Emirates that is UAE. So this was basically made to tell that now its West Indies turn to get beat from India.

Now the India vs Australia has semi final match on 26th of March 2015.

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