Trisha Illana Nayanthara Tamil movie review, rating

Providing you Trisha Illana Nayanthara Tamil movie review, rating with many optimist and pessimist views of this motion picture receiving 3 star rating out of the entire 5 stars. The film is lead by G.V. Prakash Kumar, Anandhi, Manisha Yadav and is made under the direction of Adhik Ravichandran whose film re-evaluation has more of positive points rather than negative scores as it is a romantic comedy flick. The film has many mature scenes which brings many audiences to the cinema theatres. After we re-consider the whole flick, we get to know that the cinematography and screen play of the film are so strong that it enhances the film on par level. The reassessment also speaks about the brilliant script and acting performances of actors. The performance at very minute places are seen weak but everything thing else is effective. The songs in the film like “Yennachu Yedhachu”, “Bittu Padam di”, “Dakalti”, Mutham Kodutha Maayakaari” and film lead title song entertains audience on successful level. The songs are placed in the movie at a required time without having it on odd time. The film title is based on the leading Tamil actresses Trisha and Nayanthara and so it need to take a non-objection certificate from these heroines. The film re-evaluation other details are below.

Trisha Illana Nayanthara Tamil movie review, rating

Trisha Illana Nayanthara Tamil movie review, rating

The film is about a guy from school days to the time of loosing virginity with more of bold scenes in it. Coming on the dialogues section of dialogue delivery by actors in the film are more than average level. The voice of some actors could have been better in some specific scenes in the climax. Also the way editing is undertaken is appealing by Anthony L. Ruben. Even the cinematography handed by Richard M. Nathan is mind blowing. You can have a look in the trailers itself; it has great communicating power to interact with audience. The same way flick scenes and story has also appealed to the people with reaching at 3 star ranking positions. The public response is good as it is able to flourish and entertain audience. The motion picture before the interval has some uninteresting scenes that lose the grip with the audience. The actors are victorious in justifying the roles they are offered.

As re-considered, the film lacks at particular time as stated prior to the interval section the film loose the connection with the audience and fall weak. But no worries as it hike up with unexpected twist and make the viewers blow. The audience find that scene far appealing rather than the starting section of movie. The song, editing, cinematography, screen play all together enhances the flick till the climax part and after the end part the revealed the audience go with a positive and true message out of the cinema theatres.

The actors are known faces in the Tollywood Tamil industry so there was no need to attract audience as it would make good box office collection on the opening day itself. Cameo Films India has produce this picture to earn maximum amount in return. The film has released on 17th September 2015. Studio Green has distributed the film rights in India. The film artist and music director helped the film to move on to the cinema theatres and earn well at box office.

These were all the re-consideration for the film with the ranking 3 stars.

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  • Full bittu movie. Don’t go this cinima with any ladies( Include lover and wife )I hate this movie.Intha padathin director ku “David pulla”


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