Touch My Body Hd Video Song, Alone Movie, Bipasha Basu

The Alone movie is being in buzz in Bollywood as after a long time again the horror movie is been produced and made. The Alone movie new song is been out and released. The New Song of Alone movie released is Touch My Body Hd Video Song after the two songs that is Katra Katra and Awaara. The third song Hd video is out. Let us give you some of the information about the Alone Movie Hd song and the film itself. The movie has good actors that is Bipasha Basu and Karan Singh Grover. Karan Singh is the one whose first film is going to release in Bollywood as he is entering with this film in the Indian movie industry. All of you must have watch the trailer of the movie which is really fantastic and scary. As Bipasha is been shown as a ghost in the movie. Bipasha is playing a double, who is shown as a co-joined twin sisters in the film. The New song is really good as it is a party song where these both actors are been seen dancing on the Bollywood song.

Touch My Body Hd Video Song of Alone Movie, Mp3 Song, Bipasha Basu, Karan Singh Grover

Touch My Body Hd Video Song of Alone Movie, Mp3 Song, Bipasha Basu, Karan Singh Grover

The following details are below, please read it and watch the following:-

Touch My Body Hd Video Song of Alone Movie, Mp3 Song, Bipasha Basu, Karan Singh Grover

In this article as you can see the Hd video song of Alone movie below some lines. You can play it, by clicking on that video. The video is really awesome and as you have come here to watch it in Hd that is High Definition you can do it by following some simple steps:- 1) Go on the right hand side of the video. 2) On the below right side you can see a setting logo. 3) Click on it and change the video format to hd by selecting 720p or 1080p Video song and then play it.

Hope you like the above song which is awesome as Bipasha is really looking beautiful and Karan Singh Grover is showing his 6 pack abs with a great muscular body. Karan Singh is really looking handsome in the song as he is increasing the temperature of the song, girls will be getting flat on him. The Television actor is coming with a big break in Bollywood. This song is a remake of the Punjabi song, where the lyrics of Touch my Body song are changed in it. This is a Punjabi song which was released before some years. That song is been remade by some changing some music in it and more than half of the lyrics in it. The title lyrics of the song is same whereas other things are been changed. As you must have saw it now. You must have got to know the song from where does it belong.

You can watch the start of the song is really nice as the background of the song, the sets are looking really colourful and it makes the video more watchable. The entry of Bipasha in the song with silver colour one piece is giving a different look to the scene of the video. Then Karan Singh enters wearing a black suit and pant, where he is without shirt in it showing his abs with a very cool attitude. The song has some hot scenes in it where Bipasha tries to kiss his abs. This is presented by the Panorama Studios and the music is been presented by the T-Series Music Company. So can also hear the Touch My Body Mp3 song from it.

The Following details of the Released Alone Movie all Hd Songs:-

1) Katra Katra Movie song

Which is sang by Ankit Tiwari and Prakriti Kakar.

2) Awaara Song

Which is sang by Altamash Faridi and Saim Bhatt

3) Song: Touch My Body MP3

Singer: Aditi Singh Sharma

Music By: Original Music By: Dr. Zeus, Raghav Sachar

Lyrics: Kumaar, Original lyricist of the song: L. Joseph, S.Hunjan, V. Nayar, G. Abbasi, K.Roma, Zeus

Music Label as stated T-Series.

We will also provide you some details of Lyrics of Touch My Body Song:-

The start two line are


Maine raat mein ankhon se baat private boldi,

Tune pyar ki di hawaa zulfe maine kholdi,

I just wana feel your body (Saanu kare ishare)

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