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Top 10 Indian Film Project 2015 Winners for Short Film

Top 10 Indian Film Project 2015 Winners for Short Film

 Indian Film Project 2015 Top 10 Winners for Short Film are finally announced on 26th of September 2015. The film festival competition was started on 18th of September 2015 at night 8 pm to next 50 hours till 20th September 2015 till 10 pm. The topic and theme was announced on the website at 8 pm on 18 September. The theme given by the judges was “There is a Twist at the end” which means that one should make a short film which should have a positive or negative twist at the end part of it  and should also have dance as a compulsory elements in the film. The genre on which the movie can be made were drama, comedy, fantasy etc. The judges who are invited to judge the films were Ketan Mehta, Onir, Raja Sen and Guneet. You must be thinking what is IFP? It’s Asia’s largest filmmaking competition where more than 168 cities participates around 11 countries. Here, time of 50 hours is given to participants to make movie. The award ceremony was in Ahmadabad on 26th Of September 2015. Let me give you theme details and Top 10 winning films of position Platinum, Gold, Silver, Bronze etc.

Top 10 Indian Film Project 2015 Winners for Short Film

IFP 2015 Theme

Theme: “Twist at the end”

Genre: Silent, Comedy, Drama, Fantasy, Musical.

Compulsory element: Dance (Can be shown physically or in TV background)

Time span: 50 hours

Short Film length: 8 minutes

Official website: Click here

Facebook page: IFP

Sponsors: Axis Bank, Scoop Whoop, Better Photography, Wittyfeed, Framebox, Khushi (Media Solution),, Freeway, Himalaya mineral water, Gujarat Tourism.

Top 10 Indian Film Project 2015 winning short films (IPF)

(First position: Frontrunner) Platinum Film of the year

“Koothu” directed by Vijay Velukutty

(Second position) IFP 15 Gold movie

“Iris” directed by S. Sai Prasad

(Third rank) IFP Silver

“Kahaniya” directed by Aditya Sharma

 (4th-Fourth position) IFP 2015 Bronze

“Blank” directed by Aman Khan

 (5th- Fifth ranking) IFP 5th best film

Made under direction Sarath Chan and Anurag S “Photo Mohan”

(6th- Sixth position) IFP sixth best project

“Passion” directed by Ragesh Ram

(7th-Seventh position) IFP seventh position

“2+1+2” directed by Nithesh N

(Eight position) IFP 8th position

“Next Today” directed by Muralikrishna Manyam

(9th-Ninth position) IFP 9th position

“MJ” directed by Rahul Riji Nair

(10th-Tenth position) IFP 10th position

“Khairat” directed by Girish Atuvalaipil

 This were all the Top 10 IPF 2015 winning short films.

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