Top 10 Countries with most Beautiful People

Top 10 Countries with most Beautiful People

They say 10 Countries with most Beautiful People in the world having beauty is in the eye of the beholder. But one website thinks that beauty can be measured. accepts daters based on their superficial pleasant appearance as rated by the site’s users. The figures show that some nationalities consistently prove more popular than all the others. According to website, the following top 10 countries with the most beautiful people around the world which are as follows:-

10 Countries with most Beautiful People

Brazil: Brazilians are deemed to be some of the most good-looking men and women in the world. As one of the most mixed races in the world. Plenty of genetic diversities make Brazilians particularly good-looking and attractive. The country is known for sporty, soccer playing men. Brazilians women have a gorgeous reputation too. That is helped by National models like Gisele Bundchen and Adriana Lima. Brazilian men have an acceptance rate of 41% and women are at 45%.

France: The French are proud owners of the both Language of love and city of love. All of that romance probably stems from their incredible good looks. French men and women alike are praised for their unproblematic fashion and charm, eligance. They eat bread and cheese all time but still stay slim. It has low obesity rates. The two world’s favourite examples for good-looking French Talent are Actors Eva Green and Oliveir Martinez. French men have an approval rating of 20% while women boast an acceptable rate of 35%.

U.S.A: The USA provides the world with some of the most good looking men and women in existence. It has around 319 million populations, but they are bound to be more than a few gorgeous people. From Marilyn Monroe to Halle Berry, from Marlon Brando to George Clooney are the world’s most gorgeous movie stars and most iconic divas of ten hails from the states. Of course, most Americans people have the capability to trace their roots. Their good looks back to other continents. American men have an acceptance rate of 24% and with women at 36%.

Norway: Norwegian women are some of the most attractive people on the earth. Norway has one of the world’s best healthcare and education systems. Olympian Therese Johaug or Novelist Linnea Myhre are among the most dazzling examples of Norwegian beauty that combine talent, brain and beauty. 27% of Norwegian men get accepted in contrast to a whopping 71% of Norwegian women.

Argentina: The attractive Latinos of Argentina men and women are known to be some of the most beautiful on earth. The population of this South American country is largely of European descent. They might be naturally gorgeous but Argentinean women are obsessed with beauty. In fact, Argentina is one of the world’s most plastic surgery enhanced nations. Latest figures show Argentine men acceptance rate is 32% while women are 43%. These were the Top 5 good looking people.

Canada: Up in the great while north, the Canadians are staying fit year round. They are reportedly very creative with keeping warm both in and out of their snow suits. They are listed in the Top 3 most physically intimated active countries in the world with an acceptance rate of 23% for the men and 26% for the women. Canadians of both genders are some of the world’s most desirable people.

Denmark: The third tallest nationality in the world is Danes. With an acceptance rating of 40%, Danish Genes are to thank for the gorgeous Scarlett Johansson. The faired haired men are also ranked as the third most attractive group of men in the world.

Spain: Spanish men are reported as being significantly better looking than their female counterparts. But what makes the men of Spain so irresistible to the opposite gander? May be it’s their lyrical language or those dark and sultry good looks. Javier Bardem and Antonio Banderas lead the pack as two of Spain most attractive men. Spanish men have an acceptance rate of 25% and for the women it’s just 21%.

Italy: Chivalrous, romantic and hot blooded, the Italian Stallions have one of the most attractive and great reputations on the world.           Italian men are reported as being even good looking than their admittedly gorgeous female counterparts. Italian men have an approval rating of 37% with women at only 25%. With National attractive symbols like actor Raffaelo Balzo, It’s easy to see why Italian men are universally loved.

Sweden: Swedes have that tall, blonde, athletic reputation. Unsurprisingly, most beautiful men and women in the world are found in Sweden. They have an acceptance rate of 60% and 62% respectively. Both genders are cited as being equally irresistible and come out leagues above most other nations. In one poll, Stockholm is the city with the attractive men in the world officially named by travellers. Classic beauties Britt Ekland and Ingrid Bergman both hailed from this attractive Scandinavian country.

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