Tips and Rules for No Shave November 2015 (How to Grow Beard)

No Shave November is a trend started before many years around in 2009 and has completed 6 years. The reason behind starting such trend is the death of Matthew Hill. After he passed away in 2007, it was initiated as a project that held important meaning to the eight Hill children after their father’s death. Matthew Hill died because of having colon cancer in 2007.

Tips and Rules for No Shave November 2015 (How to Grow Beard)

Tips and Rules for No Shave November 2015 (How to Grow Beard)

The participants who participate in this No-Shave November stay away from their razors and even donate some money to foundation undertaking cancer treatment of such patient. In the November month people don’t shave and save that money of few dollars on razors to $ 100 on a salon visit. This money is donated to such foundation where Facebook played a vital role by increasing followers to this trend. Form the past six years these no shavers have donated the cost of grooming which raised more than $2 million dollars to date.

Hope you the non-shavers keep raising money for cancer prevention. This will help cancer patients who lose their live due to vigorous treatments. So, join this trend and start eradicating cancer.

Rules for No-Shave November 2015

  1. Shave yourself cleanly before 1s November 2015 that 31st October
  2. Don’t shave your beard for the whole 11th Month
  3. The people who participate needs to often share their pictures of this month

Rules for Women

Women’s don’t have facial hairs so obviously they need have only 1 rule to not cut and clean their legs hairs.

Tips to grow your Beard for No Shave November 2015

  1. First all you need to do is grow have a high rich diet in protein, I know it sounds wierd but its true that having high rich diet will give required proteins to your hair
  2. Sleep more than your usual time
  3. Be free and don’t stress yourself at all
  4. Commit and dedicate yourself to raise your hair
  5. Maintain your Facial hairs by staying in good condition
  6. Sixth tips is to surely follow all these tips

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