Timepass 2 movie review, rating, story, public response

Timepass 2 movie review, rating, story, public response

We have shared you the Timepass 2 movie review, rating, story, public response over here, the film is made by director Ravi Jadhav whose flick has received a positive acclaim like the previous part 1 of the film. The film has gained popularity because of the super hit first part and we have received the same public response like the first one. The motion picture cast include Priya Bapat, Prathamesh Parab, Priyadarshan Jadhav, Vaibhav Mangle, Ketaki Mategaonkar and Bhau Kadam. Many of the critics have given this picture 3.5 rating out of the total 5 stars. The film is about to gross a 1st day collection around 3.89 Cr.

Timepass 2 movie review, rating, story, public response

Timepass 2 is sequel to 2014 super hit Marathi film with the same name. The much awaited Marathi film of 2015 released on 1st of May, 2015. This romantic comedy is loved by the audience and has live up to the expectation as all shows were running full. Being released on public holiday gave it more room to make some good business. The big releases like Gabbar Is Back, Avengers didn’t affect the film as Timepass 2 did great business of 3.89 Cr on 1st day itself which is great thing for a Marathi flick as it is made in a very low budget.

If we come to the flick re-evaluation, the flamboyant character of Dagadu is played by Priyadarshan Jadhav while the shy and soft-spoken character of Prajakta is played by Priya Bapat. The story of film is carry forwarded from its prequel, as Prajakta and Dagadu have grown up. Prajakta lives with his father, Shaakal, in Konkan who still loves Dagadu whereas Dagadu is still the same notorious and full on with tapori acts. Later, Prajakta moves to Mumbai to make career, who still loves Dagadu very much. But in order to make big Prajakta becomes an item girl with name Urvashi. On other side Dagadu is still waiting for his love. Dagadu and his father go to Shaakal’s home to convince him but they get fail and are insulted by him. Shaakal taunts him of being under educated and does not suit for his daughter. Still Dagadu rejects the idea of feeling away and get married as he wants to do it with shakaal’s wish and blessing, just like typical Indian films.

However story goes on and Dagadu finds out about Prajakta’s profession and runs to her and with bit drama he brings back that is Prajakta. The final words for the review of the pictures are the climax is dramatic yet humorous don’t miss out. The performance is incredible, humour lights up movie and brings smiles. Music is good and fresh. So, if have you have seen the first part please don’t miss out the Tp part 2.

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