Thoongavanam Tamil movie review, rating, Taran Adarsh, Box office collection

Thoongaavanam Tamil movie review, rating, Taran Adarsh, Kamal Haasan

Thoongavanam (Thoongaa Vanam, Thoongaavanam) Tamil movie review, rating, Taran Adarsh, 1st day Box office collection, public response, final verdict, story plot

Thoongaavanam Tamil movie review is of course positive as Kamal Haasan never fails to bring out something different from the regular class movies. Kamal Haasan has once again promised to give a successful and heart touching film which has once again raised the bar of Telugu cinemas. The film nail a star rating of 3.5 stars by critics and is said to have power packed performance tale till the climax. After his previous films Uttama Villain, Vishwaroopam and Papanasam K.H. yet again comeback with a dhamaka in Diwali. Does his film manage to rake good reviews and box office collection, let’s know it reading here!

Story line, Plot of what it is about:

Kamal Haasan plays a role of a corrupt officer (Diwakar Aka) in the field of narcotics. His previous life goes through a divorce with Asha Sarath playing as her wife. After divorce his teenage son stays in the custody of his mother i.e. Diwakar Aka CKD corrupt officer wife. Diwakar is seen attacking a drug gang with objective to steal the whole drug package. But accidently a man is killed carrying the drug packet. Then Mallika (Trisha) and Dhiraviyam (Kishore) are officially ordered to undertake the case under supervision.

Here comes a twist where the corrupt officer gets call from (Prakash Raj) playing as Vittal Rao for returning the drug package in exchange of his son’s kidnapped by him. Now, he goes to the Vittal Rao club to free his son and return the drug package but Trisha and Kishore has doubt that this guy has something related to this case  so they follow him. After he enters the club to return drug, he hides the drug package inside the toilet but later on he is not able to find it as that place. At the same time, Sampath comes to ask for the drug package. So now the rest of the story revolves around how will he manage to find the drug package? Will he manage to escape from the following cops? And how will he manage to save his son from the villain? Go in theatres and find out.

Thoongavanam Review

The film is a Racy & Slick thriller where the lead comes up with very innovative things in story. The racy screenplay and music are the highlights of the film. Worth watching the remake of ‘sleepless night’ in tamil with action packed performance.

The film could have made little more tight as it loses the connection with audience for some couple of minutes. Prakash Raj is far excellent in his role. Background score let down some screen play. The starting 1 hour is far interesting and you won’t understand how you spend such time as the movie is damn interesting in the start.

The gripping tale is said to be the king of this film, the shots taken in pub are amazing. It is said to be better than his previous film Uttama Villain.

Thoongavanam review by Taran Adarsh

“Perfect entertainer rave 2 hours and heart touching relation between Kamal and his son, commercial elements lacks with no glamour, no smoking and no romance but still engaging to the audience, did not disappoint me and hope other critics this time”

He also says “Awesome character with very tight screen play, Trisha is seen equally brilliant in acting”

Acting Performance

Nailed the character and justified them completely whoever is he in picture. Every character in the film has just made up to the mark may be it Prakash Raj, Trisha or Asha Sarath, Kishore and his son. The lead actor is highly impressive and steals the show.


With such amazing response from audience and even the same from critics is rarely seen where the average rating given by audience is 3-3.5 star and critic’s gives 3.5 stars.

What’s good (Positive as in plus points):

  • Gripping tale
  • Right plot without wasting other elements
  • No clichéd emotional scenes
  • Acting performance undoubtedly killing
  • Amazing twists
  • Keep connecting audience
  • Action stunts
  • Manage to invoke humour
  • Not deviating to commercial elements
  • Supporting actor fantastic

What’s bad (Negative as in Minus points):

  • Few Loop holes (flaws) affecting the second half
  • Slow after interval
  • Kamal is not a corrupt cop revealed in last which was not necessary as that flavour was very attractive
  • Plot twist little clichéd

Final Verdict after whole Analysis:

Interesting thriller which kept the audience hooked with fabulous performance that aside few flows. Definitely worth to watch the Hollywood style action thriller go get ready for a bang!

Box office collection

The film is said to earn Box office collection around 6-8 crores after hitting around more than 700 cinema theaters across domestic and international market across the world. It domestic screen prints in Tamil Nadu and Karnataka Regions are 300 screens.

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