Things you should know about the Couples of Young, New Generation

Things you should know about the Couples of Young, New Generation

Now a days it has become a trend to have a Girlfriend/Boyfriend. The generation is so fast that now when a student crosses 7th or 8th standard he or she starts thinking to make a relationship without thinking the bead effects and the distraction starts.

Things you should know about the Couples of Young, New Generation

Things you should know about the Couples of Young, New Generation


So the Story starts this way:

In my school there was a boy named Rahul who was in love with a girl named Anjali, she was from other school. This story is of 8th standard. The boy was Hindu and the Girl was Christian but that was not a barrier of Religion since we are living in a democratic country. So, Rahul and Anjali both were in real love with each other and the love continued for 1 year. Rahul was smart in study and other activity but due to his love he was not able to concentrate on anything. His love was very true for Anjali and Anjali was also use to also love Rahul but gradually when they came in 10th standard the story started.

Rahul joined coaching in other classes nearby to his house and since Anjali was staying little far so she joined classes nearby her house. The relationship continued for 2 years, here enters “Prem” who was a classmate of Anjali. He was very cool, smart looking guy and had a good Personality then Rahul. Prem was the style King of the class and the girls of whole school use to be desperate to talk to him. Prem use to like Anjali and he was a very good hearted guy. Prem dint know about Anjali’s relation with Rahul other he would have back stepped himself. But Anjali was so attracted to Prem that she started increasing her talks with Prem and never told Prem about her current relationship. They started meeting each other. Anjali started loving Prem and started losing contact with Rahul who was his 2 years love. Rahul was very upset with this. Rahul was not having any idea why Anjali is behaving like this. Rahul met Anjali one Sunday but she was not behaving like before. Rahul asked Anjali What’s wrong baby… why are you behaving so rude with me. Did I told you something wrong then am sorry for that, forgive me. I really luv u a lot sweetheart but Anjali’s dint even bothered about his feelings. She was restless and suddenly she told Rahul I don’t love u anymore. I have somebody else in my life to whom I’m attracted and I like him. Hearing to this Rahul was shocked. He was quiet for 1 min and he asked Anjali Baby what’s wrong with you. We are into relationship with last 2 years and you know how much I love u. I can’t live without you, please don’t do this with me saying this Rahul started crying but as usual she dint cared about it and was behaving like a selfish person. Anjali moved from there saying bye to him forever. This made Rahul helpless and he lost all his focus in studies. The 10th exam was going to come but Rahul was not prepared for it.

After 9 months

The exam came and Rahul failed in his 10th exam and his whole family was disappointed with him. Anjali passed her 10th exam and don’t be surprise to hear that Prem and Anjali were in relationship from the day when Anjali told Bye to Rahul. Now, Anjali and Prem were very happy as they were going to college. Prem was interested in Commerce and Anjali wanted to take Arts as she was interested to become architect. Due to Prem she left her dream and took admission in Commerce with Prem in same college. Again there were different divisions in Commerce so Anjali was in “A” division and Prem was in “B” division. Both were very happy with other but who knows that this happiness will not last more than a month. Then college annual day function came. As Prem was smart and had a good personality he took participation in Fashion Show competition and he got a partner named Tina from B division who was a good friend of Anjali. During this fashion show activity they both came close to each other. Now, Prem got attracted towards Tina and even Tina started liking him. Prem lost attraction towards Anjali and it made restless to Anjali. Prem started meeting Tina and stopped talking to Anjali. Anjali was very depressed when she came to know about this. Anjali called Prem on Sunday in the same park where she told bye to Rahul.

Prem came along with Tina in the garden. Anjali asked Prem the same way Rahul asked her “Prem what’s wrong, I liked you and I loved you so much. For you I left my 2 year old love Rahul and you ditching me. Having a relationship with someone else, why Prem? For god sake tell me why you do this to me”

Prem told to Anjali Meet me next Sunday over here and will let you know the reason why have I dump you saying this he left with Tina.

Anjali was heartbroken. Prem stopped contacting her. Anjali was eagerly waiting for next Sunday as she wanted to know why Prem ditched her.

Finally the day came. It was a Sunny Sunday. Anjali was waiting for evening. Finally, it was evening 5pm, Anjali came to the park and she was waiting for Prem to come. Anjali was surprised to see the coming person. The 2 year old love Rahul was coming with Prem. Anjali was shocked to see him.

Rahul came to Anjali and told her How are you dear. Listening to this she was shocked and suddenly from backside Prem came keeping his hand Rahul’s shoulder and told Anjali

Meet your past” and continued further with You must have got an idea why did I left you, you never told me about Rahul later on when we came in college I got to know from my school friend that you left a 2 years relationship for me just because I was cool and handsome looking guy”.

If you get someone more handsome and rich guy than me, you will leave me also. The one who can leave her 2 years serious relationship then you won’t think once to even leave me and go with someone else Saying this Rahul and Prem left from there and Anjali kept cursing herself for her selfish and greedy nature and lost an honest.

After 1 years:

Anjali wasted his 1 year in Commerce and shifted from commerce to Arts and finally she is focusing on Architect. Rahul is doing Engineering and Prem is doing commerce along with Tina.

Moral of the Story:

We have a lot of time to get into a relationship but the early age and the attraction for boys or girls which comes inside us without thinking about future and our own life, our focus on our studies. We take some wrong decisions in our early age. HereRahul was an honest guy and so he just made her understand what does love mean in someone’s life. If it would be some else than Prem, someone who just get into relation to be physical and have the enjoyment, it would have been really worse for her as she would have got used physically by someone to all extent which would have made her life go on a different level from where she can’t come back and would have even lost her virginity which is the most important thing in a women’s life”.

We can have relation after getting mature or if we get into relation in our early age we should have that matureness to understand the one with whom we are getting into relation as he or she is real or fake into relation. The matureness to understand a person, his nature, behaviour etc. The New Generation now join on Facebook and other social networking sites and get lost in some bad things. The attraction of bad things only get in an age of 15 to 22 years as this is the age where we are free to do things, we are young and don’t have much seriousness about life and enjoy the way we want. But this is also the time where our life gets ruin or well settled.

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