Theri Review by Taran Adarsh, IMDB Rating, Tamil & India Glitz, Behind Woods

Theri Review by Taran Adarsh, IMDB Rating, Tamil & India Glitz, Behind Woods

Theri Review by Taran Adarsh, IMDB Rating, Tamil & India Glitz states that the movie has gone with average feedback after coming out of theatres. The movie audience response is great at cinema counters but stays average because of average screen play and story plot. The movie is said to have average screen play and even the story is predictable for this film.

Audience Response states the following points:

Theri is for every hardworking family. Just go watch it, won’t be disappointed.

Vijay & Samantha gets positive talk from audience

The movie must be lauded for handling the emotional scenes very well

It is a little predictable emotional ride with some great performances, superlative technical work with a mix of commercial elements.

It as classic revenge drama that follows the standard template

It is receiving great response from the overseas audience.

Theri Review by Taran Adarsh

Taran Adarsh Theri review states that the movie is directed in a pretty well manner. The story is average and is also predictable at times because of content over here is not able to mark as unique. The story is predictable whereas the performance of Vijay and Samantha and many other actors is pretty awesome.

Will go with 3 star for Theri rating.

Theri IMDB Rating

IMDB site goes with above average rating for Vijay’s Theri. The movie with a running time of 2 hours and 37 minutes goes with a 7.9 star rating out of total 10 star rating which goes with “Good Rating”.

Till now, the movie has got this rating from all over 170 votes.

Theri Story Plot

The movie is all about an honest sentimental cop who has a wife and daughter living simple life in Kerala but suddenly because of some disputes with villian’s his wife is killed and there he decides to save her daughter from political gang by living as a three different characters.

Behind Wood Rating for Theri: 3.25 /5

Tamil Glitz: 3/5

India Glitz: 3/5

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