Tera mera Tedha Medha review, rating, Taran  adarsh, Rajeev masand

Tera mera Tedha Medha review, rating, Taran  adarsh, Rajeev masand

Tera mera Tedha Medha movie review and rating are given in this article along with the reviews by Taran  adarsh, Rajeev masand and Anupama Chopra. This following film has received 2.5 star rating from the experts of bollywood. The film expert Taran adarsh has also given the same score to this motion picture. This is a low budget film which is not marketed enough because of less finance. The star cast of this film include 6 characters in lead roles which are Rajesh Sharma in and as Shani, Rahul Bagga as Rajan, Reema Vorah displayed as Swati, Chittaranjan Tripathy playing charater of Mangal, Neeraj Sood and Geetika Tyagi playing as Kamini. The film has a nice and interesting story which has lots of laughter in it and even the audience till the end keeps on entertaining. The film lacks at soem sequences as comedy is useless but if we talk about overall story line, it has a scope to go well on the box office. The cinematography section of the movie is more than an average level, acting performance is brilliant but the film lacks because of less publicity. The actors have good chemistry between themselves which makes every scene interesting and natural.

Tera mera Tedha Medha review, rating, taran  adarsh, Rajeev masand

Taran adarsh have reviewed the film and expressed that it can e done better in some way but still according to its budget it is far excellent and there is no compromise in acting part in this flick. He also says that the story line is flawless and it keeps the audience grip and attention on the screen. The intermission part is bit low but it again picks up and then goes smoothly.

Rajeev Masand and Anupama Chopra have the same type of review which allows them to say that the music part could have been better. The dialogue delivery is good as such films always have good actors in it. There is a hope of improvement in it and even the editing part of the film is on another level. The motion picture lacks at two points, first after the intermission and secondly less marketing as it is low budget. The film made by director Chittaranjan Tripathy has done a good work on comedy sequences of film. Let’s see how much, producer Sanjiv Chopra earns on opening day box office collection. If predicted it can earn around 1 crores and cannot be expected more than that. If the film wouldmake the public entertain then it can have a growth on 2nd day, 3rd day, 4th day, 5th day, 6th day and 7th day box office collection.

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