Temper 2nd (second) two weeks total box office collection

Temper 2nd (second) two weeks total box office collection

Temper 2nd (second) two weeks total box office collection is 50 crores from the last 11 days. This is an action thriller movie made under the direction of Puri Jagannath. N.T. Rama Rao Jr is the lead actor of the movie. This is a tollywood film which is released in regional language of Telugu. So the film is not released all over India but in southern part of country. The movie has earned a great 15 crores of income on its first day. The film has earned and covered the amount invested while making the flick. The film story is written by Vakkantham Vamsi who is among the popular writer of tollywood cinema. 35 crores is the budget of the film in which it is created and it has earned around 485 million till now. The film has earned a good profit in the 11 days after receiving optimist reviews for it. Prakash raj is the villain of the film and Kajal Aggarwal is the lead female actress of the following flick. The film had the capability to attract nearly 40% of average viewers every day. The movie has completed its total 11 days but hitting theatres on 13th February 2015. We have provided you the detail information of collection state and district wise.

Temper 2nd (second) two weeks total box office collection

Krishna District 11 day’s business approximate amount

Gudiwada- 20 lakhs

Thiruvuru- 8 lakhs

Challapali- 6.5 lakhs

Nandigram- 7 lakhs

Kaikuluru- 7.8 lakhs

So the entire income of 11 days is around 50 lakhs of Krishna District

Overseas Profit

It made a profit of 15.42 crores in the premieres done in USA

The movie earned a business of 4.44 crores in USA in the first weekend that is On Saturday and Sunday.

Sharing you the 11 days collection day wise report

First day-(Friday) 15 crores

2nd day (Saturday) – 7.1 crores

3rd day (Sunday) – 4.2 crores

Fourth day (Monday) – 3.4 crores

Fifth day (Tuesday) – 6.1 crores

6th day (Wednesday) – 2.6 crores

7th day (Thursday) – 3.1 crores

8th day (Friday) – 2.4 crores

9th day (second Saturday) – 2.7 crores approximately

10th day (Sunday) – 1.5 crores

11th day (2nd Monday)- 1.1 crores

This all makes it to reach a collection of 50 crores. This is the entire two weeks income

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