Telugu Dynamite movie review and rating, story

Telugu Dynamite movie review and rating, story

The new Telugu Telugu Dynamite movie review and rating with story are shared here where you will get to see Manchu Vishnu, Pranitha Subhash and J. D. Chakravarthy. The flick is made under the direction of Deva Katta and music’s are composed by Achu Rajamani. The film has received a total rating of 3.25 stars out of the entire star rating of 5. Move on to the review section of the film, it is better in technical aspects and even the cinematography is ultimately brilliant in this feature film. The Screenplay and the music are best and are carried along with the flow and story of the film. Otherwise there are many pictures where you will find that here s no relation in putting song between the scenes where they are not required. Coming on the direction part, He has done great work on the dialogues section of movie and even on the acting performances praised by the audience. The review section if reconsidered, it has kept the audience grip on the cinema seats till the end as it has wonderful and interesting story line along with screenplay. The dialogues have depth and even the voice command in the film by the actors was great. The actors were successful in giving right meaning to the dialogues and justifying the character.

Telugu Dynamite movie review and rating with story

Coming on analyse the entire film re-evaluation, the director is able to create that magic and send the correct message he wanted it to reach the audience. He is able to execute a unique film and narrate a different story which can make a difference in our life. The commercial aspects of the film were also included smartly along with the editing section of the film which had played important role in the success of this motion picture.

The verdict for the film is that it has a complete package of action scene which can reach to your expectation.

The Acting performances have raised a bar in this film which has help moving picture to receive 3.25 star rating. The positive points about this flick are it has great camera work; well executed climax and action sequences are major part in this. Negative points are second half makes the film slight low down, some part of the scenes can be done better and the lead actor look big on the screen in some sections.

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