Tanu Nenu Telugu movie rating, review, box office collection

Tanu Nenu (Thanu Nenu) Telugu movie rating and review are out after the premier show and many of the critics have given positive mark to it. The new Tollywood film made under the direction of P Ram Mohan and produced by D Suresh Babu has received a total rating of 3 stars. The film received this ranking on the basis of comedy part included in it. The romance drama starring Santhosh Shobhan, Avika Gor and Ravi Babu have impressed the audience with their acting skills and have given a brilliant performance. Story line and box office collection of Thanu Nenu is shared below which has three main character in it Father, daughter and her lover. Music plays important part in the analysis of this motion picture.

Tanu Nenu Telugu movie rating, review, box office collection

Tanu Nenu Review (Telugu Movie), Story Line

Critic’s analysis states that the film starts with a boy falling in love with a beautiful girl whose father is very protective. Lead actress (Avika Gor) father has big dreams for her future. He wishes to send his daughter to United States of America for education and even to complete his other expectation. The boy who falls in love with this girl doesn’t like people living with foreign lifestyle and people known as NRI’s. Now, her father dreams and girl lover dislikes gets her in trouble. So, how she manage to convince both and how her father accept her with his boyfriend forms the rest of the film story plot.

Analysis points:-

Positive (Plus) mark is that the story is able to grip the audience attention till the last part to great extent. Other plus point is the acting performance enhances many romantic scenes between the lead actors. Even other supporting actors don’t leave any loop holes in their performances. Well written screenplay and especially the comedy scenes keep the audience attention constant to story. Cinematography is great and editing on the other side helps the film run in a smooth way. You won’t find any jerk in the scenes as why it came suddenly in middle.

Negative marks includes the drop down after one hour of film, feels like some scenes are stretch meaninglessly. Story line at a point of time gets dull and audience starts getting bored after interval. Other things are average but the story plot could have classified in better way. Still it gains 3 stars from audience and critics.

Rating, Score

The film goes with 3 star rating after analysis of story plot, acting performance, background location, music, songs and direction.


You can see the trailer, read the evaluation and then decide if you want to go for it or not.

Final Verdict

“Youngsters should definitely go for it as it includes romance and comedy which will entertain you make you weekend special”

Thanu Nenu Box Office Collection

The film has released around 300 theatres according to in south part whereas around 100-150 all over India and International film screen share are also 100-150 which takes the film total screens to 500-550. Box office collection of First day is around 2-3 crores as it has great competition with Anushka Shetty’s “Size Zero” film. The total Lifetime collection of the movie can reached around 25-35 crores till its stays on cinema screens.

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