(Tamil movie) Strawberry review and rating

(Tamil movie) Strawberry review and rating

The Tamil movie Strawberry review and rating are positive and has received 3 stars overall score. The movie story includes about the safety of children and every parent should go for this film. It is about a school kid who falls in a hole while travelling from school bus to home in Chennai. The story revolves around a ghost who interacts with a taxi driver and tells about the revenge he wants to take for the wrong things suffered by him. The actor Vijay played a pretty well character and was successfully able to justify the character. Samuthirakani,  Avani Modi, Robo Shankar, Thambi Ramaiah, Imman Annach and Yuvina Parthavi are the star cast and part of thefilm who has raised the bar of acting performance through this film. They all have given a tough competition to one another as every scene looked very natural and touching. It is also able to create and maintain the grip with audience till the climax of the film.

(Tamil movie) Strawberry review and rating

This film is inspired with a real incident that brings out the emotions from the audience sitting on the cinema seats. The Heart-wrenching movie has kept the audience surprised and entertains till the end minute of it. The significant scene involves the public in the film to a great extent. The film deals with a subject based on safety negligence by school department. The comedy and horror scenes in the film make it more interesting and significantly it wins the audience heart till the end.

The film re-evaluation states that it carries an important social message to the audience. The flick title itself speaks that all things are served except the fruit in the plates. After re-examining we get to know that the screen play could be more crisp and tight. It t also falters on some execution of scenes. The 3 star ranking is given on the basis of this horror movie sending a good social message to the viewers.

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