Tamasha review by Taran Adarsh, Rajeev Masand , Komal Nahta, Anupama, KRK

Tamasha movie review by Taran Adarsh, Rajeev Masand , Komal Nahta, Anupama, KRK states that “D. Padukone is luminious, R.K is seen powerful (very strong) but the film is neither powerful nor luminious”. Movie starred by Ranbir and Deepika has witnessed positive and negative mark that is mix response from critics. Some reviews were positive and some critics states that it’s a below average flick.

The iconic chemistry of Ranbir and Deepika is again on silver screen after 2 years with a new story of film revolving around ‘Ved’ played by Ranbir and ‘Tara’ played by Deepika who meets during a Trip to Corsica and here they fall in love with each other. Ranbir desire is to become a theatre artist but is unable to complete his dream rather end up being a product manager. Ranbir lives a normal life with no entertainment in it. His life changes after her first meet with Deepika in Corsica.

They start flirting with each other exploring the island with Bollywood film dialogues. After the trip ends, Deepika realises that she is in love with Ranbir but the twist is she even get to realize that the person she met in Corsica is not the same from the one with whom she is currently spending time.

Tamasha review by Taran Adarsh, Rajeev Masand , Komal Nahta, Anupama, KRK

Tamasha review by Taran Adarsh, Rajeev Masand , Komal Nahta, Anupama, KRK

Now, let me share you the analysis of all the Bollywood critics of this movie:-

“The motion picture works only because of the two great actors where the film has placed the heart at the correct place. Deepika and Rabir are soul of the film story. Imtiaz Ali always comes up with something new and adventurous that we have got to see in it. Ranbir look out completely different in this film and credit goes to Imtiaz Ali but flick requires patience as it is seen sketchy at times, Don’t miss it this weekend” states Taran Adarsh Tamasha review.

“Music at high point of the film, Ranbir look different and is phenomenal. Ordinary love story drops the excitement level but Imtiaz Ali experimental style took it in a unique way. Performances are award winning, narrative of the film is not linear. Amazing locations with perfect background frames for the scenes. Fulfill actors Performances expectation but story has back drops” is the evaluation by Anupama Chopra.

“Exotic Island in France and location makes the film scene more beautiful with great performances by leads. Impresses audience after ‘YJHD’ but romantic drama film has monotonous love story. It offers wonderful message to the audience in the climax part. Deepika with less screen presence stays back compared to Ranbir but still looks happening in it. Superb production values, A.R. Rahman music is great, found no loop holes in camera work with technical front. Movie is modern day classic, splendid and matured lead actor’s performance, totally in love with music but the story could have written in a better way” Analysis given by Rajeev Masand.

“One of the best entertaining movie ever made, Deepika praised for her performance as getting better with her every film. Story is not new but screened in different way where Ranbir shines in it. Great job, average narrative and justice done to screen play. First half is entertaining but second takes it to a bit low level” Komal Nahta criticism.

Assessment by KRK “The above average screen plays and courageous Imtiaz Ali’s direction bring audience to cinema theatres. Acting too good in flick but story line is not at all new and seen in many other movies. Lead chemistry appreciated, drama stays unfold and flick has some terrific moments which connect audience with the characters”

Analysis, Star Rating

Movie score goes with 3.2 star rating by critics and 3.8 rating by audience

  • Relate with audience robotic life
  • Story telling could be better
  • Adventurous trip is great
  • Few overlapping scenes
  • 80% of people will like it
  • It is a satirical take on daily life
  • Connecting songs by Rahman sir
  • Decent and impressive camera work
  • Editing very strong
  • Film story takes freedom coming along with solo travelling is nicely portrayed
  • Deepika-Ranbir shines as actors
  • Iconic chemistry once again
  • Complete package with few back drops
  • Film life journey is fulfilling, fascinating and completely admirable

Final Verdict

Should go and watch it for sure to see fascinating life with adventurous trip takes life on a different way.

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