Sushant Singh as Detective Byomkesh Bakshy wins the heart with the official movie trailer

The most promising Sushant Singh playing as Detective Byomkesh Bakshy wins the heart of audience with its official movie trailer in Hd

After the Bymokesh Bakshi movie teaser, the official hd trailer is out. The promo is very high in suspense and will leave us with no words to say. The promo has shocked the critics and the audience with his acting skill and characterisation of his role. He is shown moving to different streets of various areas for finding the solution of the unsolved mystery. The trailer is very tricky and confusing as it’s the movie of investigator so obviously it won’t reveal the secrets of the flick story in the promo itself. Sushant is seen really in a complete different look with having a little fatty face with chubby cheeks and also his eye are makeup in some different way as it is different from its real one. In the Indian cinema such films are rarely produced and directed. This is created under the direction of Dibakar Banerjee, one of the unique director of Bollywood.

Sushant Singh as Detective Byomkesh Bakshy wins the heart with the official movie trailer

This is produced under the Yash Raj Films by Aditya Chopra and director Banerjee. This is imaginary character and is the product of Sharadindu Bandyopadhyay imagination, a Bengali story writer. This moving picture is starring S. S. Rajput, Swastika Banerjee and Anand Tiwari. The film is going to release on the date of 3rd April, 2015. Rajput is portrayed as a young private investigator solving the case. You can have a look on the forthcoming Indian law-breaking murder mystery motion picture preview in hd 720p and 1080p beneath.

As you must have lookout on the above clip, it surprises with a start showing the title word of picture which means crime solving. Someone ask him who are you? Some other voice comes asking him detective? He answers not at all, then again asked are you police officer? He answer no. Next, a man is shown in the hotel sitting with him keeping two slice of potato on the table with a query what you do basically. In next sequence he is presented sitting alone on the bench in classroom and then somewhere in street kicking the football. Next scene he is walking in crowd, later a person comes near him and ask for a help as he is not able to find his father from last two months, he reply saying ‘maybe he must have come under some bus’. Hearing this that guy slaps him. Next structure is publicised with a scenario of Kolkata 1943 where he is trying to find his father in a box. A man question him do you think we have hidden him in this small box? Bakshi replies ‘no I think someone has killed him and have hide his dead body’. Now the entry of the lead actress as ‘Anguri’ who is a spy and a dancer. He ask her ‘Do you know Goven Banerjee? Am just trying to have some interrogation, why are you so scared? In the next scene he goes to that man house and tell her wife that he have come here to interrogate about the murder. Listening this that lost father son say when police have told they he is lost then why are you pressurising to kill my dad. In further extract he ask anguri that truth should come out. She responds to this saying your truth cannot even buy a cigarette for me. Then again that son and he is shown where he ask him that cant it be possible that my dad have gone somewhere, he answers ‘In this world nothing happens without reason’. Then some fight and he is receiving some clue for murder scenes are displayed. He is presented finding hints for the killing at diverse places. At last, a sequence of villain having a knife on his neck asking him what will you do now and the promo ends with a written message ‘expect the unexpected’.

This has lot of suspense and drama where you will get to see a really great acting of Rajput Singh. This was all about the preview clip and its review.

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