Subramanyam for sale review & rating (Telugu movie)

Subramanyam for sale review & rating (Telugu movie)

The Telugu movie Subramanyam for sale review & rating are shared over here and it has gained optimist reviews because of having good buzz before its release. The film released on 24th of September 2015 has finally hit the theaters and the audience review speaks that the film is able to entertain and has the flavor of pubic choice in it. The internal sources of critics have provided 3 star rating to the film whereas the public has given 3.2 star rating after checking up the movie in theaters. The re-evaluation depicts that the family can be watch by the whole family and has all the emotions of daily life that is anger, sadness, love, laugh and pride and sacredness and surprising. The film includes all these emotions and highlights more of romance and action scenes. After the critic’s re-assessment, we have found the story of the film where Sai Dharam Tej playing the lead role is a college student completing his studies in foreign country United States of America. Along with the study, he is working on a part time basis. His target is to gather money in any condition.  Here he falls in love with Regina and later on gets to know some secrets about her life and come back to his own country. Hence, the reason behind collecting money and coming back to India forms rest of the story. The commercial touch for mega fans attracts more people to the cinema theaters. The other following details are below.

Subramanyam for sale review & rating (Telugu movie)

The film includes minus and plus points in its re-consideration. The positive points about the film are its story and acting performances which attracts the audience. The great couple chemistry helps in building great plot to the story which helps the climax of story look more powerful. Coming on to the Subramanyam for sale review for its cinematography and various technical aspects, the film is very effective in technical aspects and also in story section. The motion picture lacks at the time of interval as the film gets very slow at that time but later on after the intermission, it has many twists which keep the audience surprising till the climax.

The moving picture has versatile actors who are able to justifying their film character and enhances the film overall body part. The dialogue delivery of all actors is impressive and they are able to catch the audience attention till the last moments. The film action sequences are over dramatic like the south Indian films. The director has done good work on selecting editing scenes and camera angles to make the scenes look attractive.

This was all about the film which has received a ranking around 3 stars. The glamorous actress is able to compatible with actor. Sai Dharam Tej and Regina Cassandra make a good on screen pair and chemistry. Harish Shankar is able to make a difference in his career once again with this film and Dil Raju is happy in producing this movie.    The film title basically is kept for a reason as the guy sales something in U.S. and may be because of some problems he needs to keep himself on sale and that’s how the title is decided.

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