Stereophonic Sannata full video song and audio of Shamitabh

Dhanush new Stereophonic Sannata official full Hd video, audio song of Shamitabh movie

The new video song Stereophonic Sannata of Shamitabh movie had released on 30th January 2015.  This is third new melody of Dhanush and Amitabh bachchan movie.  The first was piddly, second Ishq-e-fillum and this one is the 3rd tune of film. This is mainly with english lyrics. It mainly features dhanush in the lead screened from the first second of tune till the end of tune. We will give you a brief review of the song and its each detail. The film Shamitabh is releasing on 6th February 2015. The tune starts with zooming dhanush on the camera where he does some dance steps with a group of dancers in the background. The background dancers are costumed with a mime outfits having a white colour on the face. Firstly, the beat of the music starts and they perform some steps on that beat. Then 15 seconds of dance is displayed only by the background dancers and after 23 seconds dhanush comes and join them on the dance floor. This is a different type of jingle where dhanush is not seen lip sing on the lyrics of the tune. He only follows the melody and matches the dance steps according to it.

Stereophonic Sannata full video song and audio of Shamitabh

The following song in Hd 720p and 1080p is as follows here, just play it.

You must have looked the whole melody, hope you liked it as these includes 65% of English lyrics like Digital sound sannata. Dhanush is wearing a blue blazer, white shirt and black formal pant in the chant with a black horse cap. These are two outfits given to him. Another one is white blazer, back shirt and pant.

The background set is designed very creatively where you will get to see music symbols lying on the walls. A white lighting is been focusing from backside of the walls white are made of glass. The lyrics of the song are very interesting in the middle half where he says “why Sonu, Sunidhi, Shreya or Shruti, need no Shaan, Shilpa or Honey Singh, chup nayak hai toh gayak kya, speaker band hai, toh singer kya”.

The length of the tune is 2 minutes and 33 seconds where from start to end only Dhanush is shown. This is made under Eros now with Singer Shruti Hassan, written by Swanand kirkire and composer Llaiyaraaja.  The flick is directed by R. Balki.

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