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Steps of how to upgrade Windows 7, 8, 8.1 to windows 10

Steps of how to upgrade Windows 7, 8, 8.1 to windows 10

The Microsoft Company has recently launched a free update for Windows 10 which you can directly do it from your home; you just need an Internet connection to upgrade your system. The Windows 10 has some system requirement which your pc should have and then you can easily upgrade it to ten latest versions.Let me give you some basic things that you previous version should be registered and activated with license otherwise it won’t show you the windows 10 icon in the system tray to update it.

Steps of how to upgrade Windows 7, 8, 8.1 to windows 10

1. You will be able to see it in the right side below panel of system tray. If you can’t see the icon in 7th or 8th version, you need to update the recommended apps on your computer by going in setting-windows update and check for the updates.

2. Update all the recommended apps and devices.

3. Otherwise you system must be running on Windows RT or RT 8.1 and these are not eligible for the ten update for free.

4. You need to also install service Pack 1. You can get it by clicking on the following link, visit the page and find the resolution title, point 1 with A option. There you will find the link to get the Service pack level click on it and then install it. Also have a look on other problems in this link

5. If everything is correct you will directly find an icon in the tray line, click on it.

6. Once you will be able to see the icon after solving these problems, click on it

7. Reserve you free upgrade

8. You will be asked for the email id, please enter a valid email id and Windows 10 will start saving on your pc. You can even cancel the reservation at any point of time.

9. You can also upgrade other pc and laptops by copying that file to USB, DVD and pen drive.

10. You can visit on this link if you have any confusion regarding the process of up gradation into the latest version

We are also providing you a video which will help and provide steps of how to upgrade Windows 7, 8 to windows 10

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