Sonam Dolly ki doli 4th day (Monday) collection, box office

News for Sonam Dolly ki doli 4th day (Monday) collection, box office of 26th January i.e. Republic day

As expected the film on its 4th day has collected income of 3.5 crores. The movie is completed in the direction of Abhishek dogra. It includes 1 female and 3 male actor’s in lead roles which are Rajkumar rao, Varun Sharma, Pulkit samrat and last Sonam kapoor. The film was released on 23rd of January on over 1700 screens. With this total screens, the flick was expected to gross huge revenue on domestic level. As you all know every year national holiday is declared on this 26th January and so Monday being a holiday the picture was expected to have high business like the weekend Sunday and it did. It was able to earn less profit compared to 3rd day but it earned more than the usual non weekend day.  The film was released on a large level of 1700 cinema theatres so it’s obvious for the movie to gather more income from the cinema counters. The movie is created under the production of Arbaz khan. It was not able to have a decent start but it covered on these weekend days.

Sonam Dolly ki doli 4th day monday collection, box office

Today it was able to occupy 80% of theatres seats. The flick completely used the opportunity to have good business on this fourth day. It earned enormous revenue more from the north Indian parts of country.

Sonam Dolly ki doli 4th day (Fourth) Monday collection, box office

The movie even after being in competition with baby managed to earn 3.5 crores on fourth day. It dint received much appreciation from critics but the audience really like the picture and it managed to make them stick on the theatre seats for 1 hour and 40 minutes. In the last 3 days it was able to make total income of 10.3 crores that is 2 crore on opening, rupees 4 crore on Saturday and Rs. 4.3 crore on third day.

So, it accumulated a total business of 14.8 crore in four days.

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