Shandar 6th Day collection drops 75% down on Tuesday

Shandar 6th Day collection drops 75% down on Tuesday

It is estimated that Shandar 6th Day collection drops 75% down on Tuesday as according to previous 5 days collection, the movie is only seen collecting excellent income on opening day (Thursday). After then, on Friday (2nd day) it falls down 40% and gathers only 7.55 crores whereas third day had 50% fall that is Saturday box office was 6.75 crores and the weekend day box office of  (4th day) Sunday was 6.11 crores which was even less than the 3rd day. Coming on to the non-weekend day it fails to pass Monday test and only earn 3 crores with 65% less box office income.

Shandar 6th Day collection drops 75 percent down on Tuesday

The film only had occupancy rate of 30% on Tuesday by calculating from Morning to night shows. Shandar 6th day collection is between 2 to 2.5 crores as this is estimated profit of this day.

The total 6 days collection is 38.51 crores with earning 2-2.5 crores box office on 6th day.

If we talk about this film review, it has received both positive and negative reviews with mixed reaction from public. People only went to see Shahid Kapoor and Alia Bhat as a fresh pair and the reason for collecting maximum opening box office is because of great film promotion.

Finally, we conclude that the film had a disappointing box office on Tuesday with great fall after the opening day because  bad public response which led the film box office dropped to 75%. Read, estimated Shandar box office collection till it stays on cinema screens.

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