Shamitabh 9th day, 2nd Saturday Collection, Total 9 days

Shamitabh 9th day, 2nd Saturday Collection, Total 9 days

Shamitabh movie completing its 2nd Saturday has made a box office collection of 1 crores on its 9th day. So, the movie makes a total 9 days collection of 24.95 crores. The film has gained popularity much after its release but still it was unable to make a strong mark on the box office with its revenue. Taran Adarsh one of the critics of bollywood confirms this amount on etc channel. The profit it managed in total 9 days is an average amount which a popular stars film earns easily. Even after being Amitabh Bachchan and Dhanush in the lead the film dint create magic on its each day earnings. These were the profit earned till now that is 14th February 2015. The film has earned great profit on its opening day of 3.5 and maximum on Sunday with grossing 5 crores. It took nearly 7 to 8 days for reaching 20 crores. The budget of film is 40 crores so let’s see when it will cross the following amount of production. If we talk about the public response and critics reactions were positive but still it was unable to make its mark. The film in its 1st week reached an amount by gathering revenue of 8.25 crores.

Shamitabh 9th day, 2nd Saturday Collection, Total 9 days

The film story revolves around two people who want to become hero but one not having good voice and other not able to speak makes them lack behind in the film industry but later on when these two meets up they makes a strong combination which allows them to reach their destination but lastly because of depending on one other grudges starts between them which separates them and here the twist starts.

The movie basically is successful in gripping the audience on the seats till the end but fails to mark an amazing income. You will also get to see Rekha in the flick. These were the assortment of 2nd Saturday of movie. So by pulling 20 percent of audience it makes 1 crore income.

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