Shamitabh 11th day collection, 2nd Monday Box office

Shamitabh 11th day collection, 2nd Monday Box office

Shamitabh 11th day collection, 2nd Monday Box office income is 40 lakhs. The film managed to gross such less income because of the other trends going on in the market that is Word Cup. Also the movie has a lot of competition from big banner movie of Roy lead by Ranbir. The Amitabh Bachchan starrer Shamitabh woos the viewers with his strong voice and brilliant acting performance. Dhanush on other side also has the power to attract the viewers. The film was on this 16th February 2015 was able to pull 20% of movie viewers to the screen shows.  After 2 weeks it was able to make a total profit of 26.40 crores. So basically this is the total 11 days collection of the film. The film released on 6th of February has made such income in the following days and still it is not able to cover the production budget of film which is 40 crores. The film will be on the cinema screen still for 1 or 2 weeks but as the film buzz has decreased because of many days, it will make such business only near 30 to 40 not much than that.

Shamitabh 11th day collection, 2nd Monday Box office

So, if we have a prediction or calculation it won’t be able to recover the budget amount. This flick may turn into loss even after being one of the most awaited films of Dhanush. These were the assortment of revenue gathered in these 11 days.

People expected before it release that the film will earn at least 50 crores in the initial days but it dint made to reach the expectation. Even after being released over 2500 theatres all over world it failed to get successful on the box office.

Akshara  Hasan debut in bollywood was also unable to make a mark on public mind. Being a daughter of popular film star Kamal Hasan and having a background to film industry was not able to impress viewers.

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