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Salman Khan’s sister gets divorced

Do Salman Khan’s sister gets divorce ?

According to the reports Salman Khan younger sister is suffering through a very bad time in present days. His sister Shweta Rohira is facing problems with her husband Pulkit Samrat. The famous actor known from ‘Fukrey’ film got married with Shweta Rohira in Goa. Bhai was seen doing Kanyadaan in her marriage.

Salman Khan’s sister gets divorce

The internal reports states that the neighbours of Pulkit’s house have complained about the noises coming from their home regarding the fights. It is said that they hear this thrice in a week where they are heard fighting and the noise coming out of room is unbearable.

The confirmation is not yet officially done but they have created a difference between them is sure. There is no doubt that these couple are moving through bad times and if they are not able to understand each other, they will soon be staying in different houses. The news says that the fight has reached up to divorce to get separated but hope they solve it by clearing their misunderstanding.

Hope this couple stays peacefully and such time don’t come that they need to get separated from each other.

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