Saala Khadoos (Irudhi Suttru) review by Taran Adarsh, IMDB Rating, Rajeev Masand, Komal Nahta, Raja Sen, Anupama, KRK

Saala Khadoos (Irudhi Suttru) review by Taran Adarsh, Rajeev Masand, Komal Nahta, Raja Sen, Anupama Chopra, KRK

Saala Khadoos (Irudhi Suttru) review by Taran Adarsh, Rajeev Masand, Komal Nahta, Raja Sen, Anupama Chopra, KRK  and IMDB Rating speaks one line for sure that “The actor Madhavan Balaji Ranganathan goes with outstanding performance along with Ritika Singh’s save the movie as the film content is average”. The film has also released in Tamil Language titled as “Irudhi Suttru”

Saala Khadoos (Irudhi Suttru) review by Taran Adarsh

Irudhi Suttru movie released on January 29th 2016, is about the retired boxer Madhavan who trains her students Ritika Singh continuously and pushes his protégé to reach its destination goal of winning final tournament of boxing match. The unusual love story in the film makes the film stands unique and Ritika is immensely appraised for her performance in this motion picture made on sports background.

Taran Adarsh review on Saala Khadoos “Director Sudha Kongara has done a great job in terms of direction and should definitely receive distinction marks as the movie delivers great direction, high and rich in content, with a solid punch from acting performance side” The following film for me takes 4 star rating out of the total 5”

{Irudhi Suttru} Saala Khadoos review by Rajeev Masand, Komal Nahta, Raja Sen, Anupama Chopra, KRK

Rajeev Masand Irudhi Suttru evaluation is average as he is always a little strict in terms of review & giving stars “Madhavan in acting wise is terrific, on the other side Ritiki a firebrand. The other acotrs in the film Nasser and Zakir Hussain cannot be compared in acting as they are brilliant. R Madhavan solely transforms him into a Khadoos character and that the main strength of the film. The film minus point is it seems like “Chak De” which has a India hangover. When looked at its trailer it was great but many scenes in the film looks like Shah Rukh Khan’s sports film Chak De hockey drama. “Will go with 3 star rating out of 5”

Komal Nahta assessment “The sports genre springs big surprise, The characterisation, eidtiing of screen play, high in content of story with top notch background score with the film momentum scene of climax Nail-biting finale takes the movie with 3.5 star rating as the film has best in cinematography, acting wise, direction wise. It is difficult to give or bring some loop hole out for suh a wonderful sports drama.”

Raja Sen Review “The film goes with a punch of epic proportion. The lead actor had dared himself to get completely out of his typical look of chocolate boy and turns out to be very rude in the film for his character. Ritiki Sing take a bow with a soul performance who chase dreams into reality in film” The sports drama grabs 3.5 star rating.

Anupama Chopra “All elements in the film goes positive. Nothing to say much about negative points as we dint find any.Coming on to positive the film has amazing script brought on screen by Sudha Kongara on 70 mm. The performances takes the film go a long way. Amazing script with mind blowing performances” The film goes with genuine 4 star rating.

KRK review for Irudhi Suttru states “The climax scene is the winner of the film and takes the audience heart out as it is so inspiring that people goes with a thought out of cinema theatres. Performance wise is great with direction is good and could have been better if some scene would not remind us about “Chakde” film. Script is classic with all other editing elements. Great movie !!” I will give a total 4 star rating to it.

“IMDB Saala Khadoos Rating goes with 8.3 star rating out of 10 star”

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