Roy movie all audio songs, Ranbir kapoor, Arjun, Jacqueline

The most awaited Roy movie all audio songs, Ranbir kapoor, Arjun, Jacqueline, full list of music of film

Here we will be sharing Roy movie all audio songs featuring Ranbir Kapoor, Arjun rampal and Jacqueline fernandes. All these songs are released by the production one by one. The videos and audios of the tune are beautifully created which touches the hearts of audience. People have really liked the songs of Roy movie which is made under the direction of Vikramjit Singh. The music of the melody is composed by Ankit tiwari, Amaal malik and Meet bros anjaan. The background sound is given by Sanjoy chowdhury. The songs are distributed under the music company T-series, India’s number one leading company. If you have a look on the picturisation of all the jingles of films, they have been made so touching and especially the music of the tracks makes us feel connecting from the sound we hear from the aural tracks. The film will be released on 13th February 2015 made in a budget of 45 crores. The story of the flick speaks about Rk playing a thief, Rampal is a film maker who makes stories on Roy robberies and earn maximum profit. Later on, he meets Fernandes, also a film producer and get in relation with him but at last the story revolves around the 3 about how these all are co related together in romance, drama and suspense. Now, we will be providing you the complete audio tracks of the picture with their composers and singers.

Roy movie all audio songs, Ranbir kapoor, Arjun, Jacqueline

Sooraj dooba hai/Matlabi hoja jara complete melody

This tune is based on a party music which includes a fine and attractive sounds in it. The lyrics are written by Kumaar, music by Amaal malik and sang by Arijit ingh, Aditi singh Sharma. The length of the acoustic music is 4 minutes and 23 seconds. They are seen driving a car in the jingle hiding their love with one another. J. Fernandes costumes are really beautiful along with rmapal looking very handsome. It is cinematography very nicely by Himman dhamija. Here is the following aural track:-

Tu hai ki nahi full Records

This is a sad melody where you will get to see Rk driving a cool and stylish bike whistling before the music start with expressing his thoughts for her as she is there available or not fir him. Here some beautiful past moments are screened on the beach spending time with each other romantically. It includes the love they express to one another through their eyes.

Music and Singer: Ankit Tiwari

Lyricist: Abhendra K. Upadhyay

Chittiyaan Kalaiyaan complete audial jingle

Here, fernandes is shown sitting on a coffee shop where she starts listening some sounds from backside and then a group of dancers come and take her to dance on the roads. She sings the track saying that take her for shopping and buy some nice earnings, go for films and all. This has whole dance tune which makes our heart fill with happiness. She wears a nice shorts and top in it.

The vocalists are meet bros and kanika, composed by anjaan and lines written by Kumaar.

Yaara re acoustic tune

This is a serious record where you will get to see the breakup of relation between A. rampal and J. Fernandes. They both in their sadness have drinks and also Rk is shown in the video. He is shown standing at the corner of the boat thinking about her and even some scenes of riding horse.

Vocalist: KK, lines of the jingle are written by Sandeep nath and tune composed by A. Tiwari. The length of full record is 4 minutes and 58 seconds.

Boond Boond aural track

The jingle increase the temperature of audience as it is a very sensational with some hot scenes in it. It starts in the swimming pool where both get close and have lip locks. Both look really hot in this track flaunting their hot body. This is the fifth and last tune of the film which is sung and created by same A. Tiwari, lyrics by Abhendra.

All these were the details of all the records. You can also have a look on the videos of this melody.


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