Roy 6th day collection, Wednesday box office income

Ranbir Kapoor Roy 6th day collection, Wednesday box office income

Ranbir Kapoor Roy has finished its 6th day with a collection of 2.5 crores on Wednesday i.e. third day of the week.  The movie has been one of the highest earning films till now with grossing about 38.59 crores in total 6 days that is from Friday to Wednesday. The movie stands out with revenue of 36.09 crores in 5 days and now the 6th day profit got added to its total 6 days business. The film as you all know is lead by Arjun and Jacqueline along with Ranbir. The flick is not able to mug up with the expectations the public and critics had with the film. Even the director and producers of the flick were disappointed with the income it made in these following days. If we talk about the all over profit of the film, it has already earned 35 crores separately from the songs, satellite and the other worldwide picture rights which garnered about 73.59 crores that is the sum total of 38.59 box office income and 35 crores from film and other rights.

Roy 6th day collection, Wednesday box office income

Still we take a look at the home video, internet trailers and other rights, it still make more profit which is yet to be analysed to announce the official profits of film.  If we try to find out the reason as why it is only earning such less income, then we get to know from different sources the following reason:-

  1. First reason which lacked the film behind in profit is the International cricket tournament 2015 going on all over the world.
  2. The second is Ranbir not being in the entire part of the picture as he has only done a big length cameo in it but it is shown on Television as if he is the lead actors of film.
  3. The third reason can be not able to grip the audience on the single and multiplexes shows. So, all of because of this only a 20 to 25% of viewers came to the film for this 18th February 2015 following day.

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