Roy 1st day Friday opening collection, Taran adarsh etc reports

Roy 1st day Friday opening collection, Taran adarsh etc reports news

Roy movie completing its 1st day have made a collection of 18 crores by Taran Adarsh the critics of Etc channel. Friday is a day of movie released where every film releases. The film hit the theatres today on 13th February on screens all over the world including India and other countries of the world. The film lead by Arjun, Ranbir and Jacqueline are successful in earning profit on first day and even succeed in performing as actors in the film. The collections made on the box office are average but still it has done a great job. The film being one of the awaited films of Ranbir, most of the public went for the film to watch Ranbir. The crowd we met out of theatres are mostly ranbir’s fans. The movie is making more business in the western and northern parts of India. If you have a look on the business report of revenue collection you will find much of the business is given by these two parts of country. The film is better performing compared to these two parts.

Roy 1st day Friday opening collection, Taran adarsh etc reports


The movie has occupied an average audience of 50% from India and 20% in foreign countries. The movie total worldwide income till now is 21.2 crores as 3.2 crores are added in it which belongs to overseas revenue.

The movie ticket price is normal and is not hiked with the occasion coming on the next day. The film with gaining appreciation for its story and actors great performance wins the heart of critics and even the movie fans. Audience give a warm welcome to the films with making it earn and gather more than a average income. This was the total business till now. Even the other critic Rajeev Masand and Anupama Chopra gives the review and same collection as stated above. This was the one day income.

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