Rocky Handsome Review, Rating and 1st Day Box Office Collection

Rocky Handsome Review, Rating and 1st Day Box Office Collection

Rocky Handsome Review & Rating with 1st Day Box Office Collection as per first day shows states that the film comes up with never seen before experiment and action in Bollywood. The released movie passes the test from critics and comes out well with good critic’s response. The movie is all on John Abraham brawny shoulders and is seen with positive response from audience.

Rocky Handsome Review & Rating

The film as per critics is a well made thriller where John Abraham plays a killing machine. The actor is again seen with good action scenes after “Force 2”. The film is a loose adaptation of 2010 Korean film which was known as “The Man from Nowehere”. Coming on to the evaluation of film, here it says

Rocky Handsome review comes up with almost positive response from Bollywood critics and completely optimist from audiences. The film made under the direction of Nishikant Kamat has blended good content in the film. The film turns out to be one of the most awaited action thrillers of 2016 where the motion picture successfully impresses audience.

The film story revolves around an unforgiving natured man played by John Abraham embarking on a murderous rampage after a 7 year old girl gets kidnapped.

As per the first day first show review of audience, the film blends style and great content grabbing audience attention till the end of climax. The film as per film experts is able to maintain a fine balance between jaw dropping action scenes with heart rendering emotional scenes which gets added as the plus point of the movie.

The film has all the flavour where you will be able to go full on entertainment which has tension, emotion and brilliant action. The film director smartly chooses riveting plot but with directors directing style, Nishikant Kamat garnishes this flick with stylish action stunningly and engrossing drama.

Rocky Handsome from most “Top 10 critics grabs 3.5 to 4 star rating”. The goes with this score on behalf of following points:-

Plus Points

[Positive Points]

  • Stunning Action Scenes
  • Brilliant Content
  • Grabbing Story for audiences
  • Background music perfectly composed
  • Acting performances are stealing audience attention
  • Screen plays clear and crisp
  • Second half i.e. after interval keeps audience grab their seats
  • Cinematography is classic
  • Editing far brilliant

Minus Points

[Negative Points]

  • Songs average
  • First half show
  • Some Loop holes in first half scenes
  • One action scenes without reason
  • Slow start

Acting Performance Analysis

Coming first at John Abraham playing as Kabir Ahlawat acting wise matches with Force 2 but comes out with better action and acting compared to Cop character. Shruti Hassan stays good and Nishikant Kamat as Kevin Pereira is able to attract audience attention with above average acting performance. Sharad Kelkar, Nathalia Kaur and Baby Diya Chalwad look more interesting in supporting characters.

Rocky Handsome 1st Day Box Office Collection

The film as per the morning shows and advance booking report is able to grabs audience attention and attract good amount of public at opening shows. The film with occupancy of 40-455 in morning shows start on positive note giving positive sign in terms of box office collections. The film released on and around 1500 screens is expected to make a business of Rs 6.50-8 crore on Friday which among John Abraham’s highest collections solo starrer movies.

The film with such performance is expected to make brilliant business in further days of weekends and will soon recover its invested amount as per Friday audience response.

Note: The analysis and reviews are out soon because of before released film premier shows.

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