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Rakhi sawant reaction, comment on AIB Roast

Rakhi sawant reaction, comment on AIB Roast

Rakhi Sawant has commented and reacted in a very bad way on the AIB roast. Every country has various opinion and perception about their own on the every news and topic, controversies. After the reactions of Aamir Khan, Salman Khan and many other bollywood celebrities now Rakhi sawant who is an Indian actress, dancer has given her perception regarding the controversy. Even the government have reacted in a very strict way on this. She while doing her shooting have talk to journalist about the following controversy which has created a big buzz where Karan Johar, Ranveer Singh and Arjun Kapoor are trap in the following controversy. Deepika Padukone was also present in the audience while the followign show. When asked about this, she replied saying that even i want to do the same thing, the way they said bad words on the camera even she wants to do this because people wants and likes to listen  all this.  The reason she gave for showing her interest is because it has reached to the highest TRP on the search engine.

Rakhi sawant reaction, comment on AIB Roast

These is the following interview video where she gives her preception

She added further saying that “One should express what they have in their mind and heart, if they felt to abuse others they did”. After saying these following things, she again added saying that “I think someone have cheated them by dubbing their voice and releasing on the site, the voice you listen in video is not their voice because Ranveer is very good friend of her and even Karan is friend of her and for sure it’s not their voice. Someone have recorded their vocal and uploaded it. I am saying this as they are big celebrities and have good respect in the country, they cannot speak vulgar things in front of camera”.

She gave example saying that now whatever i am speaking anyone can add some bad words in place of mine. All this was her reaction, if we judged her view on this she was really not practical on what she said. One cannot say anything which should hurt others and that too on the camera which is further shown to all over country.

This was all her reaction on the All India bc knockout group.

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