Quarter Finals Ka Mauka Mauka new ad- ICC Cricket World Cup 2015

Quarter Finals Ka Mauka Mauka new ad- ICC Cricket World Cup 2015

The new ad of Quarter Finals ka kiska Mauka Mauka for ICC Cricket World Cup 2015 is been uploaded by the star sports channel today on 12th March 2015. The star sports network has made a new advertisement where you will again get to see mauka man in the following video advertisement. There have been 21,000 views till now hundreds of comment on it. The length of the video is 31 seconds which depicts and ask a question in the video that is bar quarter finals me kiska mauka ?. It gives us a question about who will win the following two matches held on 15th March West Indies vs UAE (United Arab Emirates) and Pakistan vs Ireland. The video is describes about two cricket experts who discuss regarding this with each other. The first one says that “I still have doubt that India, South Africa will go to title fight” but then gets confused while taking name of Pakistan. Till the time that man comes with the box. They both look at him and he becomes sad hearing that if Pakistan lose match with Ireland then it won’t be going in the next level championship.

Quarter Finals Ka Mauka Mauka new ad- ICC Cricket World Cup 2015

Check out the video and enjoy it. We will update you soon for the next ads.

The other cricket expert says that if Pakistan don’t win with Ireland with big numbers or runs then it won’t get qualify for the next cricket battle round. The other expert genuinely says this so that the other man who supports Pakistan becomes sad and goes from there. He look at both the expert with a dull face and then a voice comes where someone says that “Is bar kiska chance, janiye is weekend West Indies versus UAE, Pakistan versus Ireland Star Sports network par”.

At the last second when the video ends it is written that “Won’t give it back”. The reason behind writing this is India won previous championship of globe trophy in 2011, so it need to win it again and they won’t give the trophy back. This is what it means and is described in the advertisement video.

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