Puli movie review & rating, (Tamil, Telugu) Vijay, Sridevi

Puli movie review & rating, (Tamil, Telugu) Vijay, Sridevi

Puli movie review & rating are forwarded here and you will get to see Vijay, Sridevi, Hansika, Sudeep, Shruti Haasan and Nandita Swetha in this flick. The movie has received good appreciation same like Baahubali with great star rating. The film has a budget of 118 crore released on 1st of October. Coming on to the Puli review, the critics has acclaimed it to be successful and super hit with gained 4 star rating on 1st October out of the total 5 rating. The re-evaluation by the Tamil film critics is very positive for this Tamil fantasy-adventure film. Let us discuss on the re-assess of the movie Puli. The star performance in this motion picture is impressive and the acting done by Sri devi is brilliant, along with Vijay who is able to carry out and justify his fantasy character. Hansika Motwani has also acted well and Shruti should also be appreciated for her performance in this flick. The action adventure fantasy film has driven the mythical pasts with action, love and surprises which keeps the audience entertaining till the end of it. The film is produced and recorded both in Telugu and Tamil language. The film cinematography is amazingly shot the great fighting scenes with the help of animation.

Puli movie review & rating, (Tamil, Telugu) Vijay, Sridevi, Hansika

It has score 4 stars on the first day itself and hope the ranking of the film increases in next some days by public response. The film has a interesting storyline about the mythical people and the seeing it on the big screen makes the audience completely entertained. The first introduction song of Vijay has great cinematography and background as the 5 cr lavish set was erected to shoot this particular intro song. The film has released in multiple language including Hindi which has brought up a great box office collection for this following film. Vijay is successful in whopping audience with his acting skill and performance. Even actors like Sri devi, Shruti and Hansika are part of this film which has created great buzz in Tollywood, Kollywood and Bollywood industry. The Kannada superstar Kiccha Sudeep stardom and fan following also add to the buzz for the film.

The quality marketing for the film will benefit to earn great box office collection. The genre and characters played by the actors are completely different from Baahubali. The film interesting mythical story line is able grip the audience to the cinema seats. It is successful in diverting the audience attention and it keeps them connected till the climax. The film editing work should be definitely appraised as you won’t find any loop holes in any scenes. The cinematography by Natarajan Subramaniam is able to correctly justify what the screen plays wants to depict. Another point adds to film success is wonderful music given by Devi Sri Prasad. The songs look huge by great background scenes and they look immensely far convincing to the audience.

The film has some pessimist review like the animation could have been better in some action scenes as people are able to notice some defects in such fighting scenes. Coming on to the dialogues of the film, they are very touching at some particular emotional scenes. The actor’s dialogue delivery is great especially by Sri Devi who has one again impressed audience and critics. The romantic scenes which have a flavour of love are nicely portrayed with giving right music in the background. All scenes of this flick are enhanced specially by the music and right emotions caught by actors.

The actors are able to sustain with the characters till the last and they are not seen compromising with the character emotions and behaviour. Chimbu Deven the writers and director of the film has driven the South Industry with his huge film sets, right casting, impressive story and classic cinematography. The editing is a chocolate on the cake. If we re-consider the movie tracks like Yendi Yendi, film title song, Jingilia Jingilia, Sottavaala, Manidha, Mannavanae entertains the audience. They are placed at the right time of screen play and even they don’t look like included forcefully to make the film interesting and gained good score at imdb, Times of India, ndtv etc .

Hope you too have another look at movie Puli and make another study of the motion picture by re-examining it. Like our page to get more new updates.

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