Pitbull, Ne-Yo Time Of Our Lives HD Video Song Mp3

The new song of the American pop star Pitbull is out. Armando Christian Pérez the real name of the stage pop star Pitbull who is an American rapper from Miami, Florida. He was born in the year 1981, January 15th. The New song on YouTube is released before some days is really fantastic as this is a technically created in such a way that it looks like a 1999 New Year’s Eve. This song is specially made for the New Year as a gift to the audience and his fans.  The Video is crafted in such a way that the start is establish that it’s a 2000 year video. This is the Pitbull’s 5th single song from the RCA Records albums and 7th song of album Globalization of Ne-Yo. This song is the second duo collaboration of Pitbull and NE-Yo, in which the first was released in the year 2011. The first song of both was Give Me Everything and the second as released on 17th November, 2014 named as Time of Our Lives Video song. The writer, video of the song and other information along with the official Video of Ne-Yo is below.

Pitbull, Ne-Yo Time Of Our Lives HD Video Song Mp3

Pitbull, Ne-Yo Time Of Our Lives HD Video Song Mp3


Pitbull, Ne-Yo Time Of Our Lives HD Video Song

The following video here is available in High Definition HD format which allows us to watch the video in clarity and high quality. Even a small object in the video is seen clearly. So, we enjoy more watching it in Hd. Hd videos have different feel of watching. You can do this by going to setting and change format. The following video was firstly released on his official channel VEVO. The song is more watched and seen in US as compared to other countries. Play it and enjoy the song in Hd below.

The song detail are:-

Writers of the song- Pitbull, Robin Weisse, Henry Walter, Lukasz Gottwald, Shaffer Smith Stephan Taft are all involved in the writing of the song Times of our lives.

The length music is 3 minutes and 49 seconds.

Dr. Luke, Lifted, Cirkut are the Producers of this song.

The song is recorded in the year 2014.

There are 3 labels of the song Polo Grounds Music, RCA Records and Mr. 305.

The video has been released and it has got nearly 14 lakhs of views more than 1 million. Still the number of views will be going to increase day by day.

Pitbull has dressed like a era of year 1999-2000 style. In this song it is shown as someone is inviting him for the New Year Party. He don’t have money to pay the rent of the room but he got 20$ cash, so he want to enjoy that part of life. Also it is mentioned as like tell the bartender to make some of the shots and line it up as he is going to lose himself drinking this and going to having all the fun. Then he describe of some girl Mariah, where he says he going to have some fun, dirty dance and talks as he himself is a freak guy and she a freak girl. He then ask her for a ride and she agrees for that and he says that they don’t go to church but still he is been blessed. The lyrics also describes that he was knowing that his rent was gone a week before, he worked hard but he was not able to pay the rent. But on the other hand, he says I have enough cash to get in the club and I want to have a great time before my bad time starts. He talks about let me enjoy this time, he says to the hot girl as she got a hot and big booty over here from all the other girls. He want to see it without the cloths and want have the lust and enjoy without bothering bout the bills as it is the first month of the year and enjoy the night to the fullest. This way the whole song continues and he keep saying he wants his time back of his life so let’s enjoy.

This song I just about the enjoyment not worrying about the tension and problems which are going to come but he still makes himself free from such problems and enjoy the night with some hot girls. Enjoy every moments of life as may be this is your last time.

This video is available in 720p and 1080p formats. Hope you like the video song and the lyrics of the song Time of our Lives.

Pitbull, Ne-Yo Time Of Our Lives Mp3 Song

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